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Cahokia's Monks Mound was built in decades, not 250 years as previously thought.
Cahokia Mounds and the Indian Village of Cahokia. 
CahokiaWhat Caused the Fire that Destroyed this Ancient City? 
Cahokia's History of Five Woodhenges.
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals of Illinois.
Fossils of 310 million-year-old "H" & "Y" Animals discovered at Mazon Creek, Braidwood, IL.
How Glacial Melt & Earthquakes Realigned Ancient Rivers and Changed Illinois Borders. 
Illinois' greatest fossil mystery... solved!
Illiniwek (Illinois tribe) Grand Village History (aka La Vantum; Old Kaskaskia Village)
Illiniwek (Illinois tribe) History in the Illinois Country. 
Illiniwek (Illinois tribe) Indians bid for power in the late 1600s based on bison and slavery. 
Illiniwek (Illinois tribe) Massacred at the Grand Village by the Iroquois and its Aftermath.
Indian Trails - Green Bay Trail, aka "Old Jambeau Trail," Chicago to Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Indian Trails - The Vincennes Trace.
Indian Village Found 1993 Buried Under the Sanctuary Golf Course in New Lenox, Illinois
Is a Native American tribe one of the Lost Tribes of Israel? Exploring the possibility.
Legend of the Piasa "Bird" which is carved and painted on a bluff in today's Alton, Illinois.
Looters of Prehistoric Archeological Sites a Big Problem in Illinois and Mississippi Valley.
Out Of Place ARTifacts (OOPArt) found in Illinois. 
Paleo-Indian Migration to North America & Ready/Lincoln Hills Site, Jersey County, Illinois 
Paleo-Indians of the Albany Mounds, the Hopewell Tribe, in Albany, Illinois.
Piney Creek Ravine, near Chester, has the largest collection of prehistoric rock art in Illinois.
Prehistoric Shark Nursery Fossils Found in Illinois. 
Study of Pre-Historic Man in Whiteside County, Illinois, from the 1870s. 

Illinois Forts and Blockhouses

[PR] Prehistoric      [FR] French      [IN] Indian      [BR] British      [US] American

Fort St. Louis du Rocher, [FR]
   on Starved Rock.
Fort Sturdivant [Citizen]
Little Fort [FR] 

Illinois Frontier and Indian History

1711 French Settlement is the beginning of today's Peoria, Illinois.
1813 “Peoria War” was a big part of the elimination of Indians in Illinois.
1814 Wood River, Illinois Massacre.
1816 Treaty of St. Louis and the 1821 and 1833 Treaties of Chicago. 
Anna Pierce Hobbs Bixby (1812–1873) a frontier doctor and scientist in southern Illinois.
Billy Caldwell; The Life & Times of Billy Caldwell, whose history was mostly fabricated.
Black Hawk War and Illinois’ Role (April to August of 1832).
Bloody Autumn at Nauvoo (Mormon Town), Illinois in 1845.
Buried Under Budlong Farm, the World's Largest Pickle Farm in Bowmanville (Chicago), IL.
Cahokia Mounds and the Indian Village of Cahokia. 
Exploring Seventeenth Century "Pais des Illinois," the Illinois Country.
Father Pére Jacques Marquette's Death, his Last Two Years. (1673-1675) 
Fence Laws of Frontier Illinois.
First Frenchman in Southern Illinois turns out to be a Poacher.
Fort Dearborn Massacre of 1812; a brutal historical account & in-depth analysis. [PG-13]
"Free Frank" McWorter paid for his freedom from slavery and bought his family's freedom.
Free Negroes in Illinois Prior to the Civil War, 1818-1860
French Chicago during the Eighteenth Century.
French Life in the Illinois Country, from Canada to Louisiana, in the 1700s.
Galena Illinois' Old Stockade used during the Black Hawk War 1832.
Gurdon Hubbard arrived in Chicago before the Town of Chicago was incorporated in 1833.
Henri de Tonti and his Connection with what would become Illinois. (1650-1704)
Hinsdale (Brush Hill, Fullersburg), Illinois, History; Village on the County Line. pub:1949
History of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois. Originally a French Settlement/Fort.
History of the Illinois Country from 1673-1782.
History of the Meskwaki (Fox) Indian Tribe; Searching for Fort du Renards (Fort Fox).
How the City of Newton and Jasper County, Illinois, got their names. 
Illiniwek (Illinois tribe) Grand Village History (aka La Vantum; Old Kaskaskia Village)
Illiniwek (Illinois tribe) History in the Illinois Country. 
Illiniwek (Illinois tribe) Indians bid for power in the late 1600s based on bison and slavery. 
Illiniwek (Illinois tribe) Massacred at the Grand Village by the Iroquois and its Aftermath.
Illinois Country - Great Plains Indians before French Colonization in the mid-1600s.
Illinois County Boundaries Maps from 1790-1859.
Illinois 'River Pirates' in the Northwest Territory in the 1790s.
Illinois Territory 15 Counties between 1909 and Statehood in 1818, with a map. 
Indian Trails - Green Bay Trail, aka "Old Jambeau Trail," Chicago to Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Indian Trails - The Vincennes Trace. 
Institute of Slavery in Illinois. 
Jean-Gabriel Cerré's success in French & British régimes during the Revolutionary War.
John Duff, the late eighteenth-century Illinois counterfeiter.
John Jones, a free Negro, used his house & office as Chicago Underground Railroad Stops.
John Kinzie - Chicago House Chronology. 
John Kinzie - Important Chicago Firsts by the Kinzie Family.
John Kinzie - Kills Jean Baptiste La Lime, Chicago's first murder victim in 1812.
John Kinzie - One of Chicago's Founding Fathers.
John Messinger (1771-1846), the Messinger Schoolhouse and Cemetery in Swansea, IL.
Kaskaskia Indian Reservation in Illinois.
Kickapoo and Mascouten Tribes History in the Illinois Country. 
Kinderhook Plates - Discovered in 1843 in an Indian mound near Kinderhook, Illinois.
Lee's Place / Hardscrabble, Illinois, today's Bridgeport community of Chicago.
Life in Post-Colonial Illinois for French Women and Families.
"Life of Black Hawk" as dictated by himself.
Negroes, Race, and Ethnicity in Illinois and the North during the Civil War.
Old French Village; Today's Peoria. 
Oldest Settlements, Villages, and Towns in Illinois.
One Man's Story of "Indian-Hating" in the Illinois Country Frontier. 
Panic of 1819
Peoria War of 1813 was a big part of the elimination of Indians in Illinois.
Philippe de Rocheblave, a Military Opportunist in the Illinois Country.
Pierre Menard House at 4230 Kaskaskia Road in Ellis Grove, Illinois.
Plains Indians in Illinois before the French Colonization of Mississippi Valley in mid-1700s.
Samuel A. Whiteside, an Illinois pioneer, and military hero.
Southern Illinois; A brief history. 

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More Fascinating Illinois History

3-Wheel Velocipede (Handcar) in Effingham, Illinois.
1917 Race Riots in East St. Louis, Illinois.
1968 Illinois earthquake, a "New Madrid Fault event," was the largest recorded in the state. 
Alta May Hulett, age 19, became the first woman admitted to the Illinois bar in 1873. 
Ambler Texaco Gasoline Station on Route 66 in Dwight, Illinois.
America’s First Black Town, Brooklyn, Illinois founded in the 1820s (aka Lovejoy, Illinois).
American Bottom. The Story of the Illinois portion.
Amling's Haunted House in Melrose Park, Illinois, the Whole Story.
Eldorado Illinois' Founding History.
Elgin & Belvidere Interurban 36-mile line between Belvidere and Elgin, Illinois. (1907-1930) 
Elgin Illinois First Airport, (42.07 North / 88.29 West)
Elizabeth "Betsey" Reed was hung in 1845 as Illinois' First Female Serial Killer. 
Elsah, Illinois... The Village Frozen In Time.
Energy, Illinois' Calaboose (Jail) History.
Excelsior Press Brick Company at Gregg's Milk Station (Westmont), Illinois. (1872-1875)
F. W. Woolworth Co., the old days when they sold baby turtles in their pet departments.
Famous Sulphur Springs Resort in the City of Creal Springs, Illinois.
Fractional Penny Sales Tax Tokens In Illinois. 
Frank Long House of Oak Park, Illinois.
Future City, Illinois, the Town that Washed Away. 
Harmening House History in Ontarioville (now Hanover Park), Illinois, and a Look Inside.
Henry Harms, founder of Skokie and Harms Park Restaurant - Picnic Grounds in Chicago.
Henry Holstein and Grist Mill at Irving Park and Roselle Roads in Bloomingdale, Illinois.
Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Brief Biography of a Chicagoan. 
History of Carmi, Illinois.
History of Millstadt, Illinois. 
House of Sunshine, 1200 East Union Avenue, Litchfield, Illinois.
How did land from Niles, Illinois become a small subdivision of Chicago on Touhy Avenue?
How Illinois was affected by the "Mississippi Bubble" in the early 18th century. 
How two Illinois men helped keep Adolph Hitler from developing the atomic bomb.
Illinois becomes the 21st State of the Union on December 3, 1818.
Illinois Central Railroad Company vs. the State of Illinois. Lake Michigan Usage (1892)
Illinois Central Railroad Station [Springfield Union Station] in Springfield, Illinois History.
Illinois County Boundaries Maps from 1790-1859.
Illinois is on the west side of the Mississippi River and Missouri is on the east side? How?
Illinois' Black Laws aka Black Codes.
Illinois' First Penitentiary in Alton unfit for prisoners - closed 1860. Then came the Civil War.
Illinois' Negro World War I Regiment. The Forgotten Story. 
Illinois' portion of the Cannon Ball Route.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee, "Sports Illustrated for Women" top female athlete 20th century. 
James Varnum Gale from Ogle County, Illinois; First Residence.
James Benton Parsons, first Black Federal Judge; served the Northern Illinois court. 1961
Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State, Biography.
John Crenshaw's 'Old Slave House' and "Reverse Underground Railroad" in Equality, IL
John Stevens, Naperville Illinois' First Professional Builder.
John Washington Barker, Life and Times of a 131st Illinois Civil War Infantry Man.
Josephine Garis Cochrane, the inventor of the Dishwasher.
Krauss Building at 209 W. High Street, Freeburg, Illinois, history.
Keeley Institute in Dwight, Illinois. Dr. Leslie Keeley offers a cure for alcoholics.
Keeneyville, a Bedroom Community in unincorporated DuPage County, Illinois.
Kinsella Two-Story Log Cabin (1854), Fairview Heights. 1st Interior Shots Since 1976.
Kit Houses - Harris Brothers Co. / Chicago House Wrecking Co., Chicago. (1893-1933)
Kit Houses - Lustron Homes - A mid-century attempt at future prefab houses. (1947-1950)
Kit Houses - Sears Modern Homes - History, floorplans, popular Illinois choice. (1908-1940)
 The story of my private tour of a Sears Modern Home in Carlinville, Illinois.
Kline Creek Farm, a Living History Farm, and Museum in West Chicago, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Griggsville Landing, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Grosse Pointe and the Township of Ridgevill, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Goshen Settlement.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Half Day, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Half Way, Illinois & Halfway, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Harlem, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Illinoistown
Lost Towns of Illinois - Miles Station, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Mormon Town, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - New Philadelphia, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Newton's Station, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - No Man's Land, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Ontarioville, Illinois. 
Lost Towns of Illinois - Prospect Park, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Rand, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Sangamo Town, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Science, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Stacy's Corners, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Strasburg, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - St. Philippe, Illinois. 
Lost Towns of Illinois - Wabonsia and Kinzie's Addition, Illinois.
Lucy Ella Gonzales Parsons, Chicago, Illinois. More Dangerous than a Thousand Rioters.
Lydia Moss Bradley, Philanthropist, and Founder of Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois.
Macoupin County Jail in Carlinville, Illinois. (1869-1988)
Maeystown, Illinois, the 1852 German Village that time forgot. Lots of Personal Photos.
Mailing Children by U.S. Parcel Post.
Manuel, a slave in 1779, as historical accounts say, was burned for witchcraft in Illinois.
Marguerite Stitt Church, Congresswoman.
Martin-Boismenue House History in East Carondelet Illinois with my personal Photos.
Mary Ann McMorrow was the first female Supreme Court Justice in Illinois.
Mary Lincoln, an in-depth look at her life. 
Mary Lincoln and son Robert in the midst of the 1871 Great Chicago Fire.
Mattoon, Illinois' Mad Gasser.
Maud Powell, an American Violinist Pioneer. (1867-1920)
Mississippi River Crossing - Ste. Genevieve-Modoc Ferry, Modoc, Illinois.
Moo & Oink Grocery Chain's History.
Panic of 1819
Panic of 1837
Panic of 1857
Panic of 1873
Panic of 1893. 
Panic of 1907
Plank Road History in the Chicago area.  
Police Blotter - 1845, Lawrenceville, Betsey Reed; Illinois' 1st female serial killer was hung.
Police Blotter - 1924, Rondout, Largest Train Robbery in U.S. History.
Police Blotter - 1980s, Justice, Did the Cook County Sheriff Arrest, Resurrection Mary?
Police Blotter - 1992, Waukegan, Juan Rivera 20 years in prison for murder; exonerated. 
Police Blotter - 1993, Palatine, Brown's Chicken Restaurant Massacre on January 8th.
Purple Hotel History in Lincolnwood, Illinois.
Racists Miss the Point of this Billboard in Justice, Illinois; September of 1991. 
Radium Poisoning Killed Hundreds of "Ghost Girls" in Ottawa and other towns in Illinois.
Richard Eells, M.D.'s house an Underground Railroad stop in Quincy, Illinois. 
Robert Hall Department Stores and Clothier, Chicago and Illinois Stores.
Robert Wadlow, World's Tallest Man from Alton, Illinois. (1918-1940)
Roller Rinks in Illinois: Hub Roller Rink & Axle Roller Rinks.
Ronald Reagan, 40th and Only President Born in Illinois. {Birthplace: Tampico, IL} 
Sanctuary Golf Course in New Lenox, Illinois, discovers a buried Indian village in 1993.
Ship Disasters - Blue Comet Tanker Explodes in Calumet Harbor on October 29, 1953.
Ship Disasters - Lady Elgin sinks from collision by Port Clinton, Illinois, Sept. 8, 1860. 
Ship Disasters - Le Griffon; 1st ship built in America, 1679. Sank or Burned by Indians.
Ship Disasters - Silver Spray hits limestone reef, sinks at just off 49th St. beach, Chicago. 
Ship Disasters - SS Eastland tips in the Chicago River on July 24, 1915; over 85 Photos.
Lambs Farms, Libertyville, Illinois. 
Skokie Illinois' Holocaust Memorial Vandalized on June 3, 1987.
Skokie Lagoons Evolution.
Skokie (Niles Centre), Illinois - Old businesses within a block radius from downtown Skokie. 
St. Anthony's Hospital Fire in Effingham, Illinois. (1949)
Stagecoach travel in early Chicago and Illinois.
State Capitol Buildings from 1818 to the Present. 
Theaters - Edens in Northbrook was a Hyperbolic Paraboloid structure. (1963-1994)
Thomas Neill Cream, M.D., Serial Killer. (1850-1892)
Tinker Family and Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens in Rockford, Illinois.
Town of Austin, Illinois, was annexed to Chicago against the town's wishes in 1899.
Ulysses Grant's Order of Expulsion of Southern Jews is Quashed by Abraham Lincoln.
University of Illinois Observatory, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. 
USS Chicago - Four United States Navy Ships have been named Chicago. 
USS Illinois - Four United States Navy Ships have been named Illinois.
Vault Lights of the 19th & 20th Century (prism glass) used in Illinois Towns and Cities.
Video - The Night Hanukkah Harry Saved Christmas, Season 15 of SNL - Dec. 16, 1989.
Vigilante Justice in the Illinois Rock River Valley. "Regulators and the Prairie Bandits."
Village of Godfrey, Illinois.
Virden, Illinois, Coal Mine Massacre on October 12, 1898.
Vivian Dorothea Maier, the Unknown Chicagoland Urban Photographer.

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Chicago Stories

"4 Children for Sale," the True and Complete Story about the Chicago 1948 Yard Sign.
16-Inch Softball History in Chicago. 
Al Capone and his brother Ralph are Responsible for 'Milk Expiration Dating' in Illinois.
Al Capone - "My Uncle Al Capone played Santa Claus." A true story.
Allan Pinkerton and the History of Pinkerton's National Detective Agency in Chicago.
America's First Automobile Race took place in Chicago, Illinois, in 1895. 
Andy Frain Usher Service of Chicago, The History of
Anita McCormick Blaine, Chicago Philanthropist. (1866-1954)
Anna Carlo-Blasi, “Queen of Little Italy," campaigned for better sanitation to fight cholera.
Annette Nance-Holt, First Female named 1st Deputy Chicago Fire Dept. Commissioner. 
Annie Malone, entrepreneur, philanthropist, one of America’s first black female millionaires.
Anthony Overton, Chicagoan, the first black man to lead a major business conglomerate.
Anton Cermak, Chicago Mayor, Biography, Assassination, and an Alternate Theory.
Arnold, Schwinn & Company, The History of Chicago's Bicycle Manufacturer. 
Art Institute First Building Contract & Details from 1892. 
Art Institute Replaces the Interstate Industrial Exposition (1872-1892) at Michigan & Adams.
Arthur J. Audy Home in Chicago was the Largest Juvenile Jail in the World.
Auto Wash Bowl, Chicago, Illinois.
Automatic Street Traffic System, Inventor Earnest Sirrine of Chicago patented in 1910.
Babette Mandel, Women of Influence Shaping Chicago History. (1842-1945)
Baer's Treasure Chest Downtown Chicago's Arcade and Magic Shop. 
Barack Obama Day; August 4, 2018, was the first day of this President's holiday in Illinois.
Barack Obama, the Story of the 44th President of the United States of America. 
Base Ball in the 1800s was Considerably Different than Today’s Game.
Belgian Wood Block Alleys in Chicago's Astor Street District.
Benjamin Barker's letters to Brother Jacob Barker in 1833 as Chicago becomes a town.
Bessie "Queen Bess" Coleman, First Black and Native American Woman with a Pilot License.
Bull's Head Market, Chicago's First Stockyard.
Bund leader Fritz Kuhn promises to make Germany & America great at 1939 Chicago rally.
Cable Court, a One Block Private Street, a Turnaround for Cablecars, in Chicago.
Carmelita Pope - One of the First Ladies of Chicago Television.
Carroll Street, a little-known subterranean street runs along the River North neighborhood.
Carter Harrison Sr., Mayor, Assassinated by Patrick Eugene Prendergast 10/28/1893
 Carter Harrison Sr., Last Speech at World's Fair before His Murder; Night of 10/28/1893
Cemetery History of Early Chicago. 
Central Station, Chicago Terminal. Also known as the Illinois Central Depot.
Clarence Buckingham and his Memorial Fountain in Chicago's Grant Park.
Charles Dickinson Inn and Tavern History in today's Portage Park Community of Chicago.
Charles "Carl" Frederick Günther, The History of Chicago's "The Candy Man."
Charles Jerold Hull, a biographical sketch of Chicago's philanthropist, of Hull House fame.
Chicago's 19th-century public police force history. 
Chicago's Air Quality.
Chicago's Alley History. 
Chicago Fire - 1912, January 5, Union Stock Yards Transit House Hotel (Hough House).
Chicago Fire - 1922, March 15th, the Burlington Office Building Fire, Chicago. 
Chicago Fire - 1934, May 19th, The Union Stockyards Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1946, September 9th, the Hotel LaSalle Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1950, May 25th, Green Hornet Streetcar Causes an Inferno with Gas Truck.
Chicago Fire - 1953, April 17th, the Haber Corporation Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1958, December 1st, Our Lady of the Angels School Fire.
Chicago Fire - 1967, January 16th, the First McCormick Place Fire. 
Chicago Fire - 2004, December 6th, the LaSalle Bank Fire.
Chicago's First and only Crucifixion, a Shocking Story. 
Chicago's First Newspaper was printed in 1833. 
Chicago's First Resident, Antoine Ouilmette, July 1790-1826.
Chicago Firsts through 1880. 
Chicago Fresh Air Hospital in the West Ridge community history. (1912-ca.1960) 
Chicago's Gay-rights protest in June 1977 the turning point of Chicago's LGBT movement.
Chicago Historical Society, its History and Buildings.
Chicago Home for Aged Jews was established on the South Side in 1891.
Chicago Home for the Incurables was located at 5555 South Ellis Avenue. 
Chicago's Horse Railways History. 
Chicago; How the Automobile became King. 
Chicago's Screw Club History.
Chicago Sidewalk Nameplates (Stamps and Plaques), History. 
Chicago's Small Neighborhood Parks and Playgrounds History.
Chicago’s Smallest Cemetery; the Andreas Von Zirngibl Gravesite. 
Chicago's State and Madison Streets, the Busiest Corner in the World. 
Chicago Streetcar № 1137, Lost and Found. 
Chicago Telegraph arrived in 1848. Becomes eastern terminus “Western” communication. 
Chicago, The Origin and Meaning of the Name (Chicagoua).
Frink & Walker Stage Line Company started service in Chicago in 1832.
Galena & Chicago Union Railway Station at Canal and Kinzie, Chicago's first depot. 1855
General McArthur Day, April 26, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois.
Ghost Signs found in Chicago, Illinois. Over 200 presented with locations.
Givins’ Irish Castle History, Chicago’s Only Castle at 10244 S. Longwood Dr., Chicago.
Google Maps mystery of a Chicago location called "1980 Stat Boundary."
Grand Opera House of Chicago, Illinois. (1872-1958)
Grant Park Band Shell; Chicago's Petrillo Bandshell history.
Great Central (Train) Station, Chicago. (1856-1893)
Greektown, a Chicago neighborhood, served the first Gyros in America.
Green Tree Tavern at Lake and Water Streets. A first-hand account of an overnight stay. 
German Turnverein "gymnastics" movement in Chicago began in 1852. 
Gombien Jean, a Chicago Leland Hotel Employee, Dies from the Oddest Cause in 1892.
Great Heart; World Record High Jumping Horse at Fort Sheridan, Illinois, in 1923.
Indian Boundary Park, Chicago. On the "Real" Indian Boundary Line from Treaty of 1816. 
Influenza Epidemic of Chicago in 1918-1919.
Interstate Industrial Exposition, Michigan at Adams built 1872 razed 1892 for Art Institute. 
Iroquois Theater Fire of 1903 claiming over 602 Lives in Chicago. 
Irving Park Settlement, the History before Annexation by Chicago in 1889.
Isaac Woolf, owner of Woolf’s Clothing Store in Chicago. Known as the "Newsboy's Friend."
Italian Pharmacy's exact location in Chicago's Little Italy Neighborhood finally found. 1901 
Jack Spratt Coffee House Civil Rights Sit-In on May 15, 1943, Chicago.
Jacob Bolotin, Chicagoan, the world's first blind physician licensed to practice medicine.
James "Big Jim" O'Leary's Amazing Life Story. (1869-1925)
Jane Addams, her Life and Times, including Hull House.
Jane Byrne, Chicago's First Female Mayor. 
John Turner's Farmhouse History, located at 1854 West Addison Street, Chicago.
John Wayne Gacy History - Serial Killer. (1942-1994)
Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil, Chicago's Con-Man Extraordinaire. "The Sting" based on Weil.
Kadish's Natatorium on the corner of Michigan Ave. & Jackson Blvd. in Chicago, 1880s.
Kalo Shop, the "leading maker" of the Arts and Crafts silver movement in Chicago.
Kate Sturges Buckingham was one of the Great Women in Chicago History.
Keanon Kyles, a black opera singer, gets his big break after years as a night janitor.
Keeley Brewing Company of Chicago. (1876-1953)
Kit Houses - Chicago Shelter Cottages - Mass short-term house kits for 1871 Fire Victims.
Kit Houses - Harris Brothers Co. / Chicago House Wrecking Co., Chicago. (1893-1933)
Kit Houses - Lustron Homes - A mid-century attempt at future prefab houses. (1947-1950)
Kit Houses - Sears Modern Homes - History, floorplans, popular Illinois choice. (1908-1940)
 The story of my private tour of a Sears Modern Home in Carlinville, Illinois.
"Kiosk Sphinx" built by a Chicago millionaire, crazy story, crazy house, pictures prove this.
Kolze's Electric (Amusement) Park, Chicago, Illinois.
Kwa̱nu’sila, “The Thunder-Maker” Totem Pole. Amazing history at Addison & LSD, Chicago.
Lake Park in Chicago later renamed Grant Park. 
Lake View Cycling Club of Chicago in the 1890s.
Lakeside Club was organized in 1884 at 3138-40 South Indiana Avenue; Brief History.
Lane Manual Training High School History (Today's Lane Tech H.S.) in Chicago. (1908)
Lee's Place / Hardscrabble, Illinois, today's Bridgeport community of Chicago.
Libby Prison War Museum, (Chicago Coliseum) Chicago, Illinois (1889-1897)
Lill and Diversy Brewery, Chicago's first commercial brewery. (1833-Fire of 1871)
Lincoln Logs construction toy was developed in Chicago, Illinois. 
Lincoln Park Baseball Grounds in Chicago, Illinois. (1910)
Lincoln Park Gun Club of Chicago, Illinois. (1912-1992) 
Lincoln Village Shopping Center history at Lincoln Ave. and McCormick Blvd. in Chicago.
Lloyd Gaines, Civil Rights Pioneer, Disappears in Chicago.
Lois Graham McDowell was First Woman in U.S. to earn a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
Loren Miller & Company, a Chicago Dry Goods Store. (1900-1931)
Lost Communities of Chicago - Cleaverville. 
Lost Communities of Chicago - Conley's Patch
Lost Communities of Chicago - Hyde Park Township. 
Lost Communities of Chicago - Irving Park Settlement.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Lee's (Leigh) Place / Hardscrabble a Chicago Community.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Little Sicily "Little Hell" Neighborhood.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Mopetown a Chicago Neighborhood.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Shanty Town, District of Lake Michigan, and Streeterville.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Swede Town Neighborhood.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Towertown Neighborhood. 
Lost Communities of Chicago - Town of Austin, forced annexation to Chicago in 1899.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Town of Lake. 
Lost Communities of Chicago - Village of Jefferson. - Township of Jefferson.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Village of Pennock.
Low-Rise Modernist Commercial Buildings on Chicago's Peterson Avenue. 
Lyon and Healy Factory, Chicago, Illinois.
Lytton Department Stores (aka The Hub), Chicago's Premier Clothing Retailer. (1887-1986)
Marshall Field & Co., Social Role Marketing and Racism Beginning in 1892.
Marshall Field & Co., State St. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Clocks History beginning in 1891.
Marshall Field & Co., Wholesale Store History, Chicago (1887-1930).
Marshall "Field, Leiter & Company" Department Store Fire of November 14, 1877. 
Mary E. McDowell Settlement House History in Chicago, Illinois.
Maxwell Street 7th District Police Station on Chicago's "Dead Man's Corner."
Maud Slye, M.D., 1923 Nobel Laureate. (1869-1954) 
Mayor of Chicago fires all the police officers for eight hours in 1861.
Mayor Richard J. Daley dies in Office on December 20, 1976.
Medusa-Challenger Barge; the Chicago River Bridge Killer.
Meigs Field Airport was a single-strip airport built on Northerly Island Chicago. 
Memorials of the Fort Dearborn Massacre which occurred on August 15, 1812.
Michael and Florence Raschke, of Chicago, evicted from their home.
Plaza Hotel, 1553 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Police Blotter - 1892, A Masked Highwayman Terrorizes Chicago.
Police Blotter - 1892, Gombien Jean Dies from the Oddest Cause. Today, We Know Why. 
Police Blotter - 1893, Chicago Mayor Carter Harrison Sr. Assassinated by P. Prendergast.
Police Blotter - 1927, Michael Stopec's Unsolved and Bewildering Murder. 
Police Blotter - 1939, The Disappearance of Civil Rights Pioneer Lloyd Gaines in Chicago. 
Police Blotter - 1978, Serial Killer, John Wayne Gacy. 
Potter Palmer is responsible for Chicago's State Street as a business district.
President Street Names in Chicago.
Primer about the difference between a Chicago community and a Chicago neighborhood.
Prince Edward visits Chicago. Mayor Wentworth introduces him in his usual arrogant style.
Public Bath Houses in Chicago. 
Racial sign, "No Ni**ers, Jews, Dogs," located in 20th Century Kenilworth, Illinois.
Radium Poisoning Killed Hundreds of "Ghost Girls" in towns all over Illinois.
Railroad Fair in Chicago; 1948-49. Both Years Official Guide Books in PDF format, for Free!
Raising Chicago Streets Out of the Mud in 1858.
Rainbo Building's History, 4812-4836 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Rear Houses in Chicago have an interesting history. 
Red-Light District or the Vice Districts of Chicago's Past. [PG-13] 
Red Scare (aka the Palmer Raids) in 1919 Chicago. 
Relic House of Chicago; a Pictorial History.
Republic of Forgottonia; 16 western Illinois counties tried to secede to form a new state.
Richard J. Daley was elected to his first political office... but as a Republican in 1936.
Richard W. Sears, the Story of an American Merchant in Chicago by 1893.
Riverview Stadium; Different Stadiums at Different Times in Chicago's History. 
Robert Hall Department Store and Clothier, Chicago and Illinois Stores.  
Rogers Park and West Ridge Communities of Chicago, their Intertwined History.
Rogers Park and West Ridge Communities Movie Houses' History in Chicago. 
Rogers Park Community of Chicago's Clark Street History.
Rogers Park Baseball Club & Grounds, the corner of Devon Ave. and Clark St, Chicago. 
Rogers Park Hospital History, Chicago, Illinois. 
Seven Continents Rotunda Building and Restaurant at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.
Seymour Paisin Ladies Apparel on Devon and Talman Avenues in Chicago, Illinois.
Ship Disasters - Blue Comet Tanker Explodes in Calumet Harbor on October 29, 1953.
Ship Disasters - Lady Elgin sinks from collision by Port Clinton, Illinois, Sept. 8, 1860. 
Ship Disasters - Silver Spray hits limestone reef, sinks at just off 49th St. beach, Chicago. 
Ship Disasters - SS Eastland tips in the Chicago River on July 24, 1915; over 85 Photos.
Shoppers World, Community, Zayre, Super K, at Lincoln, McCormick, Devon, Chicago.
Sidney Wanzer & Sons Creamery of Chicago. (1857-1970s)
Silos at Wrigley Field? 
Smith Stained Glass Museum History at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois from 2000-2014. 
Smoke-Ring Blowing Billboard on State and Randolph Streets in Chicago.
South Water Street, Chicago, early 1830s. 
"Spiderman," Dan Goodwin scaled the John Hancock Building and the Sears Tower in 1981.
Spiegel Incorporated History, Chicago, Illinois.
SS Aquarama, a luxury cruiser, docked at Navy Pier, Chicago, for the summer of 1955. 
SS Eastland Disaster on the Chicago River on July 24, 1915. History with over 85 Photos.