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Thanks Neil, for that excellent summary of Mary Lincoln's life. I write about Lincoln and the Civil War, and I strive to make my [nineLincoln books both interesting and readable, just as your articles always are. Wm. Kolasinski  [Books at Amazon.com  

RE: The Backstory of Lincoln's Famous Armstrong Almanac Case, Brief & Trial. 

As a multi-credentialed Professional-level astrologer for 40+ years, I found this article to be totally fascinating! Your research (as usual) is impeccable! I am sharing this with my colleagues and astrological friends. Anonymous Journal Comment [READ ENTIRE TECHNICAL COMMENT] 

Congratulations are in order, Dr. Gale. Your meticulously researched articles are clearly, concisely, and grammatically well written, in fascinating detail with pictures. I think this is the most informative Illinois history sites on the Internet. From one teacher to another, Thank You!  K.D.S. 

Such great information! I really enjoy your articles. They are like a master's course on Illinois history. J. McCarron

Fantastic comprehensive writing and excellent photographs on Indian Boundary Park, Dr. Gale! I have been walking the grounds, enjoying the pond, trees and birds since 1979. I started taking my children there in 1982, and now my grandchildren enjoy it! It is my sanctuary in the city! Thank you!  S.M.D.

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