This group hosts junior and senior High School history and social studies classes with their educators for research and preparation of the Chicago Metro History Fair, the Illinois regional Fairs, and the state final on Illinois History Day, held in Springfield, Illinois. The group is moderated and censored for the sake of our student body (13 years old+) with a stringent set of published posting and commenting policies to keep the group focused on Illinois history. We are over 51,000 members strong and growing.

"Saving Illinois History, One Story at a Time."
Because of Facebook’s restrictions on each group's number of posted images stored (approx. 5000 per group), the oldest ones are deleted when new posts are made. I found it necessary to create a way of ‘Saving Illinois History, One Story at a Time,’ so on November 6, 2016, I started the Digital Research Library of Illinois History Journal™. The Journal presents Illinois history in a friendlier format than Facebook allows and has more functionality, such as a search function that works properly, intermingled images and text, and videos embedded and play on the page, just to name a few. Anybody online can add their comments to the postings in the Journal.

Abraham Lincoln Forum™
On July 28, 2020, I was removed and blocked from an Abraham Lincoln Facebook group because I provided proof that the post a member made was not at all truthful. Little did I know the person was the group's Administrator. After sleeping on the issue, I decided to start a new Facebook group the next morning, July 29th, and named it "Abraham Lincoln Forum™.
The largest collection of 1893 World's Columbian Exposition antique searchable PDF books, documents, and research papers online. Included are special attractions, special days at the Fair, and unbelievable 3D rendered movie tours.
NOT SORRY! I just can't let a good story go by without sharing it. You'll love the stuff I've been dishing up. 

The FREE daily statewide newspaper.
I've personally created unique designs and recreated vintage logoed products, including over 100 styles of shirts and dozens of colors, mugs, home accessories, and more. One hundred percent of profits support the projects listed here for costs of Internet hosting and annual URL fees, and other associated fees.
The Chicago Postcard Museum is a privately endowed, independent organization devoted to collecting and presenting Chicago history through postcard imagery and correspondence. The Museum displays a portion of my personal collection of rare, antique, vintage, and contemporary Chicago postcards.