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Seymour Paisin Ladies Apparel on Devon and Talman Avenues in Chicago, Illinois.

The Seymour Paisin Ladies Apparel (Seymour Paisin on Devon, Inc.) was located at 2629 West Devon at Talman Avenues in Chicago's West Rogers Park Neighborhood. Seymour Paisin (1912-1987) and his wife and co-founder Ruth (1914-1977) opened Seymour Paisin Ladies Apparel in 1950, and the shop closed in the early 1980s.

Seymour Paisin Ladies Apparel, a beloved fixture on Chicago's vibrant West Devon Avenue, was more than just a women's clothing store - it was a hub of style, sophistication, and community. From 1950 to the early 1980s, this family-owned boutique brought high-fashion flair to the Windy City, courtesy of its dedicated owners, Ruth and Seymour Paisin.

The Paisins began quarter-page advertising in the Chicago Tribune in September 1951.

As you stepped inside, you were enveloped in a world of elegance, surrounded by racks of exquisite dresses, coats, and scarves from top designers. The Paisins took pride in curating a selection that would make their customers feel like royalty, and their personalized service made everyone who walked through the door feel like a valued friend.

With her keen eye for style, Ruth would often travel to New York and Paris to stay ahead of the latest trends, bringing back the most coveted pieces to share with her loyal clientele. Meanwhile, Seymour's warm smile and welcoming nature made everyone feel at home, whether browsing or seeking advice on the perfect outfit for a special occasion.

As the years passed, Seymour Paisin Ladies Apparel became a staple of Chicago's fashion scene, with generations of women relying on the store for their most essential wardrobe needs. Though the store may have closed its doors in the early 1980s, its legacy lives on through the countless memories made within its walls and the vintage treasures circulating among collectors and fashion enthusiasts online today.
My mom shopped there a lot! We lived 2½ blocks away, and she would take me out for a walk when I was very young. I can remember sitting in one of their big chairs and looking out the windows, watching traffic go by and people walking on Devon Avenue while my mom tried on dress after dress.
Chicago Tribune, September 13, 1951
Dress Label
Ruth & Seymour Paisin

By Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D. 


  1. Funny, we grew up in Rogers Park, and I don't remember my mother ever going there. Downtown, yes, and Old Orchard, but never anywhere local.

  2. Very respectfully, but the shop could not have closed in 1980. I was working there that entire year. Seymour had a limited presence by then, but his son-in-law ran operations. Very elderly clientele, with saleswomen who had known many for years, in addition to one or two pretty young Russian or Ukrainian women.

  3. In the 1950's my grandmother had the dress shop directly across the street. It was Lillian's Smart Shop. Along with L Star several blocks west, the three stores formed the high fashion triangle and gave downtown competition.

  4. My Aunt shopped here probably from time it opened in 50s until she died in early 1960s.
    She and husband on N.Lakeview and then in Sauganash. Very Well Dressed Lady.

  5. In the 60’s, I remember Wally Phillips, the WGN morning radio personality, giving away scarves under the Seymour Paisin brand. Seemed that all the ladies wanted one.


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