Saturday, December 22, 2018

Looking North at the Clay Pit from the top of the natural gas tank at Albion and Albany Avenues, Chicago. Circa 1945

Clay Pit looking North from the top of the natural gas tank from about Albion and Albany Avenues, West Ridge community, West Rogers Park, neighborhood, Chicago (1945).
The Entrance to People's Gas, Light and Coke was on Whipple Street. The property boundaries were Kedzie was on the west, Albion on the south, Whipple on the east and roughly North Shore on the North.

by Neil Gale, Ph.D. 

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  1. Dr. Gale, In the upper left hand corner of the photograph there is a long building running north-south. My parents told me of going to stables along the canal to ride horses, with their friends in the 30's, and with dates in the 40's. Could this have been a stable?


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