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Robert Hall Department Stores and Clothier, Chicago and Illinois Stores.

Robert Hall Clothier, Inc., popularly known simply as Robert Hall, was an American retailer that flourished from about 1937 to 1977. Although based in Connecticut, its warehouse-like stores were mostly concentrated in the New York and Los Angeles basins.
This store is identical to the 2900 West Devon Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, location.
According to a Time magazine story of 1949, the corporate name was a complete invention; the actual founder was a garment merchant, Jacob Schwab, who "plucked the name out of the air."
Public Domain Photograph.
Robert Hall pioneered the low-overhead, large-facility ("big-box") merchandising technique and combined inexpensively made goods with extensive radio and television advertising. Many Americans who grew up in the 1950s and 60s recall the commercial jingles of those times.
The company also operated outlets called Robert Hall Village. Robert Hall's clothing was sold alongside other merchandise in stores of approximately 120,000 square-foot in what's considered one of the forerunners of the discount superstore concept. Non-clothing retail areas were leased to other companies.
Robert Hall Clothes Ghost Sign is located at 1185 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois.
They were known for their inexpensive men's suits... about $50.00 in its heyday, with no charge for alterations. A joke made the rounds that the suits would fall apart at the seams in short order after being tailored. So truthful was that comment that eventually comical skits about the suits' quality became common.
In July 1977, Robert Hall's parent company, United Merchants and Manufacturers, filed for bankruptcy, citing losses from the Robert Hall chain as the reason for filing. All Robert Hall stores were closed, and inventory was auctioned off.

After the Bankruptcy, Lyons Office Supply Company took over Chicago's Devon Avenue location.
A Comical Skit about Robert Hall Suits Quality.
Turn up the volume.

1960s Radio Jingle

Les Paul & Mary Ford- Robert Hall Radio Spots.

PAMS Jingles: Robert Hall GO-GO! Radio Commercial

1950s TV Commercial

1950s TV Commercial
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  1. My father is named was Robert Hall, an old family story from back in the 60s my mother was out on the front lawn when a car pulled up with a couple of ladies. They rolled down the window and asked is this Robert Hall's. My mother said yes. They asked do you have clothes. My mother said yes. They asked can we come in and see them? They had looked up our address in the white pages instead of the yellow pages. That's a phone book were people found stuff before the internet

  2. That story is comical . The Robert Hall commercials had a lot of play time on the Radio and the Television in the late 50ties and early 60ties in Los Angeles.

    1. Never heard these love it thanks my Dad bless his soul made Robert Hall look like a front cover of GQ!


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