Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Frankenstein's Bar, 2235 West Howard Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Frankenstein Lunch Lab & Boogie Castle was a few doors west of the Fish Keg.
I went there most Thursday nights in 1979-80. I got in even though the legal drinking age for beer and wine in Illinois had just changed from 21 years old to 19 years old.

I'd often stop at the Fish Keg, pick up a pound of fried shrimp, fried perch or some other delicious fresh fried fish, 1/2 order of French fries and go into Frankenstein's, sit down at a table or the bar and order a beer with dinner. YUMMY!

They had a nice-sized dance floor, a pinball machine, and played good music.

Compiled by Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D.


  1. Had a tremendous amount of fun in 1975-1976. Disco was in and I made my way to Frankenstein's Wednesday - Saturday first as a patron then as an employee till I was given an ultimatum...shave the beard or else. I chose "or else" and went back to being a patron. The night would end with the playing of Edgar Winters' Frankenstein

    Found my first love. She was a nursing student at St. Francis in Evanston. I remember buying her the large body of Jean Nate. She probably still has some left...it was a big bottle. I have fond memories of her.

    I did make many a stop at the Fish Keg as well as IHOP

  2. Does anyone have any more specific information about what kinds of music were regularly played at Frankenstein ? I found out about the place from an ad , dating 1974. Did they start out Rock and go Disco , later, or did they play both Rock and Disco , and / or Soul , Funk , etc. , after Disco hit ? Was there a Horror theme with the interior ? Did it resemble a castle or a mad laboratory in a Universal feature , inside? Were there pictures of Karloff as The Monster? OK , now , I'm going to BE of some information , The Fish Keg has a beautiful original wooden sign from Frankenstein on display , to this day.

    1. I went to Frankenstein in the mid 70's and the music was strictly disco dance music as I recall. Oddly enough,even though I've loved the Fish Keg next door for many years,I don't think I ever ate there when I went to Frankenstein.

  3. The owner, Bill Glynn, was a fan if blues and rock, but in the '70s, disco was what brought in the ladies (and the male customers who followed), so disco and classic ('60s-'70s) rock dance music dominated on the busy nights, Th-F-Sa-Su.


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