Monday, December 26, 2016

The "Chicago Police Parade," film from 1896 by the Lumière Brothers.

The film, "Chicago Police Parade" film from 1896 [0:47], filmed by the Lumière Brothers is said to be one of the oldest surviving films made in Chicago. It is not the same film titled "Chicago Police Parade" which was produced by the Selig Polyscope Company of Chicago in 1901.

The police officers are marching in front of Battery D Armory. The Battery was erected on the Lake Front in 1880 and fronted Monroe Street at the north-east corner of Michigan Avenue. This Battery was built by some Civil War veterans as an independent organization as a result of the great riots of 1877. It was later incorporated into the Illinois National Guard, although the building was never taken over by the state. 

At that time its armament consisted of four 12-pound Napoleons', two 6-pounders and a Gatling gun. Aside from its military uses, the building was frequently used for public meetings and entertainments. It was demolished in 1896.

Lumière Brothers, "Chicago Police Parade." 1896
Battery D Armory, the Building the Police are marching in front of.


  1. Very cool. They marched quite well. The music was quaint, appropriate.

  2. I always love seeing this video; I just wish the camera had kept rolling for just a few more second so we all could’ve gotten a better view of the horses and police wagon.


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