Saturday, May 12, 2018

Anna Carlo-Blasi, “Queen of Little Italy," campaigned for better sanitation to fight cholera.

Informal full-length portrait of Annie Carlo-Blasi standing on a sidewalk facing census taker Philip D'Andrea, who is holding papers, with a man and several small children standing in a grocery store entrance and women standing on the sidewalk behind Blasi in Chicago, Illinois. Carlo-Blasi's nickname: Queen of Little Italy. 1914
Anna Carlo-Blasi, “Queen of Little Italy," born Luiga Anna Chiarello, who migrated to Chicago in 1887. Carlo-Blasi, a popular midwife, used her political connections to campaign for better sanitation in an attempt to fight the cholera that was killing many of the newborns she delivered. When she died of a ruptured gall bladder on January 19, 1920, her funeral was one of the largest the city had known at that time.

Compiled by Neil Gale, Ph.D. 

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