Sunday, September 18, 2022

Lost Towns of Illinois - Evans, Illinois.

Evans (aka Evans Point) was in Marshall County, Illinois, on the old Chicago & Alton railroad grade. 

Evans Township is traversed by two railroads; the Illinois Central extends most of the way along its eastern border and the Chicago & Alton through the center of the southern half. The crossing of the two railroads was selected for a station. At that point, the planned rail station was amidst an immense prairie with not a settler or house for miles.

On section 28 of Evans township was a railroad station on the Chicago & Alton railroad, which took the name of "Evans." It was quite a busy shipping point for grain and livestock. Evans had a general store and a blacksmith shop. The post office opened in 1873 but was discontinued in 1905 because of the advent of Rural Free Delivery (RFD). 

Evans did not improve, according to the expectations of its founders, and returned to the beginning; an "Evans Point" rail station for shipping and not much else. Its most prominent characteristic was its claim of the highest point between the Illinois and Wabash Rivers.

The local Post Office in Wenona, Illinois, a Chicago & Alton railroad town, said there was absolutely nothing left of Evans, Illinois.

Compiled by Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D.

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