Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Rubber Ducky Swims from the Chicago River to China but arrives a little bloated.

A Chicago Streets and Sanitation crew dumped over 30,000 rubber ducks from the Columbus Avenue bridge into the Chicago River in August of 2011. The proposed contest was to see if a rubber duck could reach another continent, its path, and how long it would take if one did make it.
Chicago River at the Columbus Avenue Bridge.
The winning duck, № 12,637, made it to a Hong Kong harbor in China in October 2013, taking 26 months. When he/she arrived, the excessively bloated duck had reached a height of 54 feet. To this day, how this duck became so ginormous has never been explained, nor has any prize ever been announced.
Ducky's Route from Chicago to Open Waters:
 ♦ Down the South Branch of the Chicago River, into the;
 ♦ Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, into the;
 ♦ Des Plaines River, into the;
 ♦ Illinois River, into the ;
 ♦ Mississippi River,
 ♦ and down to the Gulf of Mexico.
Ocean Terminal, Hong Kong, China.
That's One Big Duck!
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