The Term "Jewtown or Jew Town" is Derogatory. Here's why. . .

In historical writing and analysis, PRESENTISM introduces present-day ideas and perspectives into depictions or interpretations of the past. Presentism is a form of cultural bias that creates a distorted understanding of the subject matter. Reading modern notions of morality into the past is committing the error of presentism. Historical accounts are written by people and can be slanted, so I try my hardest to present fact-based and well-researched articles.

Facts don't require one's approval or acceptance.

I present [PG-13] articles without regard to race, color, political party, or religious beliefs, including Atheism, national origin, citizenship status, gender, LGBTQ+ status, disability, military status, or educational level. What I present are facts — NOT Alternative Facts — about the subject. You won't find articles or readers' comments that spread rumors, lies, hateful statements, and people instigating arguments or fights.

When I write about the INDIGENOUS PEOPLE, I follow this historical terminology:
  • The use of old commonly used terms, disrespectful today, i.e., REDMAN or REDMEN, SAVAGES, and HALF-BREED are explained in this article.
Writing about AFRICAN-AMERICAN history, I follow these race terms:
  • "NEGRO" was the term used until the mid-1960s.
  • "BLACK" started being used in the mid-1960s.
  • "AFRICAN-AMERICAN" [Afro-American] began usage in the late 1980s.


The term "Jewtown" or "Jew Town" is an Anti-Semitic word, phrase, or name regardless of whether Maxwell Street Market in Chicago got its nickname. The meaning behind its use for the old Maxwell Street Market is the derogatory phrase "Jew You Down," claiming it means to barter but really means 'all Jews will rip you off.'

I will explain why. First, the term Jewtown brings forward these disturbing images of people and not just Jews.

Greektown, Chinatown, Little Italy, Lithuanian Plaza, Little India, and Ukrainian Village have been legally recognized as Chicago neighborhood names in their greater communities. They are not racist or derogatory because they refer to a country, not a religion. 

Those neighborhoods use their names as monikers to define themselves and promote their businesses, restaurants, grocery stores, merchants, and service companies catering to the neighborhood. Secondly, these neighborhoods and areas of Chicago speak the same language, making communication easy and familiar. 

Do you enjoy authentic Italian, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Israeli, Middle Eastern, Filipino, Greek, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Indian/Pakistani, Swedish, or other international cuisines? You'll know what Chicago neighborhood to head to, get the best selection of great ethnic restaurants, bakeries, specialized grocery stores, import merchandise and products, etc.

If we take the term "Jewtown" and apply the same rules as the naming of other Chicago neighborhoods, then "Jewtown" should be named "Israeli-town." (Israel became a Jewish State on May 14, 1948) 

To clarify the point: If we take the name "Jewtown" and apply the slur name to Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood, it would be called "Ni**ertown."


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