Friday, November 13, 2020

Abraham Lincoln Street in Jerusalem, Israel.

Throughout the world, many neighborhoods have groups of streets with names related to a specific theme.

For example, anyone familiar with downtown Chicago, Illinois, USA, knows the "President Streets" is an old city tradition. (§ = not in downtown) 
  1. George WASHINGTON Street
  2. John ADAMS Street
  3. Thomas JEFFERSON Street
  4. James MADISON Street
  5. James MONROE Street
  6. John QUINCY Adams Street § (Since there were two presidents named Adams, Quincy Street honors John Quincy Adams.)
  7. Andrew JACKSON Boulevard
  8. Martin VAN BUREN Street
  9. William Henry HARRISON Street
  10. John TYLER (is the one president without a named street today. Tyler Street's name was changed in 1875 to "Congress Street" (Congress Parkway, today) because Tyler declared allegiance to the Confederacy in the Civil War.)
  11. James Knox POLK Street
  12. Zachary TAYLOR Street §
  13. Millard FILLMORE Street §
Those are the first 13 U.S. Presidents, and 12 of them still have streets in or near downtown named after them.
Abraham Lincoln Street sign in Jerusalem, Israel.
In central Jerusalem, there is a street named for Abraham Lincoln {אברהם לינקולן}, a fitting tribute to the Jewish people’s gratitude to President Lincoln who championed and defended America’s Jews

The Hebrew letter ‘lamed’ [ ל ] which mimics the second ‘L’ in Lincoln, was removed from the Hebrew spelling of the great president’s name. The silent letter is often pronounced by Hebrew speakers, incorrectly rendering the name, “Lincollin.”
George Washington Street intersects Abraham Lincoln Street in the middle of this map.

When a Jewish man dressed in typically ultra-Orthodox garb walking on Abraham Lincoln Street in Jerusalem, was asked if he knew who the street’s eponymous Abraham Lincoln was, he replied that he was a big UJA (United Jewish Appeal) donor.

Americans are honored throughout Israel. For example, George Washington also has a street named after him in Jerusalem. In Tel Aviv, Abraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson have streets named after them. Martin Luther King Jr. has a street and memorial in his honor in the Galilee. A statue of Abraham Lincoln is in Ramat Gan and a replica of the Liberty Bell was installed in Jerusalem's Liberty Bell Garden.
A Statue of Abraham Lincoln in Ramat Gan, Israel.

Compiled by Neil Gale, Ph.D.

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