Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Sparky's Snack Shop at Oakton Street and Monticello Avenue in Skokie, Illinois.

Sparky's Snack Shop (aka Sparky's Restaurant) at 3624 Oakton Street at Monticello Avenue in Skokie, Illinois, was an early-bird diner that specialized in fresh, homemade breakfast and lunch. The small, friendly staff ran the restaurant like a family. I've known Gus "Hotis" Hotousiotis the owner, since 1976 when I first got my driver's license.
Gus always remembered my name, even after 10 years of not stopping in. He was quite the conversationalist when you sat at the counter right in front of the grill area. When I ordered breakfast with sausage or bacon Gus always added a small portion of ham off the bone on my plate and never charged me for it. 

Sparky's closed in February 2016, due to Gus's health. 

I really miss Sparky's awesome breakfasts and lunches.


Compiled by Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D.


  1. That's a great memory. While I was never at Sparky's, there were places like this all over the area. I fondly recall a place in Roseland that treated our "3 Musketeers" the same way. Kind of the breakfast version of "Cheers".

  2. I use to work at Happy Foods from 1986 until it burned down, and every Friday morning without fail we would put the Thursday afternoon load away and go eat breakfast at 8:30 am. And you only had to tell Gus one time what you wanted and every Friday it would be waiting for us at a back table at 8:40 am. Piping Hot The food was OUTTA-THIS-WORLD. 3 Eggs, 4 strips of Bacon, and real Home Fries and 2 pieces of toast for $4.99 and a large milk for $1 OMG

  3. In the 1960s, my Dad worked just around the corner from Sparky's. Once in a while on Saturdays when I was young, he would take me to work with him for a half day and afterwards we would get lunch there. The memories of eating there were vivid. After moving from the area, I happened to drive by there about 2012-2013 and couldn't believe that they were still in business, but closed for the day. When I was back in the area a couple of years later, I made it a point to stop there for breakfast. An employee told me that they were going to close permanently in a couple of months. I was thankful for getting there to eat one last time for memory's sake.


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