Friday, November 30, 2018

F.W. Woolworth Company. The old days when they sold cute baby turtles in their pet departments.

You could hear the squawking parakeets the minute you entered Woolworth's store. The hamsters, white mice running on their wheels, and the large tanks full of goldfish and guppies.
Looking southwest from the corner of Devon and Western Avenues, Chicago. The F. W. Woolworths had entrances on Devon and on Western. The Western Avenue entrance was in the Pet Department. Circa 1950s.

The tiny green turtles, young "Red-Eared Sliders" with pretty markings, didn't often live very long, no matter how careful you were caring for them... which I'm afraid was the fate of most of the turtles that kids carried home from Woolworth's.
They lived in containers like this one, which was more complex than it seemed at first glance. It was designed so the turtle has an "island" with ridges on the slanted approach, making it easier for the turtle to climb out of the water. The island also has a palm tree, a whimsical touch that had nothing to do with red sliders' preferred habitat of mucky ponds with rotting logs for perches.

Because the turtles could go without food for a few days and could retract into their shells to protect themselves, someone thought they could be shipped through the U.S. mail as premiums. The High Turtle Food Company sent these turtles through the U.S. Mail after painting the back of their shell with "Good Luck" and advertising their turtle food for 10¢. Buying any pet generally initiates a series of expenditures that soon outstrip the initial cost of that pet.
Live Turtle Box.
Where did the tiny green turtles come from? There were captive-breeding turtle farms in the deep South, particularly Louisiana, where turtle farming still thrives, mainly serving the Asian food market. Woolworth's pet departments were limited to goldfish until 1935, when company price limits on the cost of inventory ended. More expensive creatures were offered for sale, along with cages, collars and leashes, pet toys, packaged food, and medicines.

While Woolworth's pet departments survived until the entire chain closed in 1997, little green turtles ceased being part of the stock in 1975 when the Food and Drug Administration banned pet stores from selling turtles smaller than four inches in length because children picked up salmonella from playing with their pets and failing to wash their hands.

Compiled by Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D.

Over 200 Pictures of Ghost Signs found in Chicago, Illinois.

What is a ghost sign? 
A ghost sign is an old hand-painted advertising sign that has been left untouched on a building or billboard for an extended time. These signs are usually uncovered when a neighboring building is demolished, exposing the sign.

The sign may be kept for its nostalgic appeal by the building owner to avoid the costly removal of the paint on brick or the cost of whitewashing the sign.

Captions contain all the information available. The location in the caption is from the location of the sign, not the business the sign is advertising, unless the sign is on that business' building.

Ghost sign: 7●UP 1747 E 75th
Ghost sign: 7●UP 624 W. Ashland
Ghost sign: 7●UP 6922 Stony Island
Ghost sign: 7●UP Lawrence at Tripp
Ghost sign from 1946 for Monarch Beer Co., located
at 1090-1118 West 21st Street, Chicago
Ghost sign: STP, The Racers Edge, 13th, and Wabash
Ghost sign: 230 East Cermak Ford, Indiana and Cermak
Ghost sign: 523 Plymouth

Ghost sign: the 900 block of West Cullerton

Ghost sign: 1100 block of W 18th St
Ghost sign: 1200 block of Grand Ave
Ghost sign: ABC Anderson Bros Fire Proof Storage Damen and Lincoln Aves
Ghost sign: Champion Spark Plugs 4100 block of W Roosevelt Rd 
Ghost sign: 4100 block of W Roosevelt Rd 
Ghost sign: Flash Auto Parts 5000 W Lake St 
Ghost sign: Coca-Cola 5438 N Clark
Ghost sign: A & P Harlem and Higgins 
Ghost sign: A Moving Co 4700 N Western Ave 
Ghost sign: ABC Anderson Bros
Ghost sign: Ability Adco 
Ghost sign: Advertise Here Fulton Market North of Morgan 
Ghost sign: Ajax Auto and Tire Supply, North Ave at Kedvale 
Ghost sign: Alliance National Bank, 808 N Oakley 
Ghost sign: American Family Insurance, 1880 N Hoyne 
Ghost sign: Amys Motel Dukes Show Lounge, 119 E 79th
Ghost sign: ABC - Anderson Bros Fire Proof Storage, Damen & Lincoln Aves.
Ghost sign: Antique Mart, 1000 S Michigan 
Ghost sign: Apex Batteries 
Ghost sign: Apples Sport Bar, Lake St West of Canal St 
Ghost sign: Ashland Brewery, 674 W Ashland 
Ghost sign: Atalanta Ham on Touhy at Rockwell (Old Kohl's Grocery Store Billboard in the parking lot). 
Ghost sign: Atlantic Bank Building, 168 N Michigan Ave 
Ghost sign: Atlas Prager, 6141 S State

Ghost sign: B and B Ceramics, 3393 S Archer 
Ghost sign: Bachia Bootery, 1741 W Ave 
Ghost sign: Bank of Ravenswood, Rogers Park Neighborhood 
Ghost sign: Beer
Ghost sign: Bell Bread, 4814 W Augusta 
Ghost sign: Best Polish Sausage in the World - Pilsen Neighborhood 
Ghost sign: Billard Hall on Milwaukee Ave 
Ghost sign: Billiard Parlor, Fullerton and Southport 
Ghost sign: Binks Manufacturing Company on Carroll East of Kedzie
Ghost sign: Borden Dairy Evaporated Milk on Milwaukee Ave South of Lawrence Ave 
Ghost sign: Boss Hand Car Wash, 25 S Western Ave 
Ghost sign: The Boston Store 
Ghost sign: Bowmanville National Bank, Devon Ave and Western Ave
Ghost sign: Bressler Ice Cream, 4010 W Belden
Ghost sign: Bright Metals Finishing in the Hermosa Neighborhood 
Ghost sign: Bryn Mawr Theatre 
Ghost sign: Burhop Paper Co 1071 N Division 
Ghost sign: Calumet Baking Powder, 7339 S Halsted St

Ghost sign: Canfield Portside Lounge, 9035 S Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: Canfields Beverages & Nate's Drive-In; 1065 W Taylor St
Ghost sign: Canfields Soda 1736 E 79th St 
Ghost sign: Canfields Soda 347 E 79th St
Ghost sign: Canton Hand Laundry
Ghost sign: Cappas Brothers Liquors and Tavern, Archer and Western
Ghost sign: Carbit Paint Shipping and Lab 
Ghost sign: Cartage Contractor Boarding Stable, 1315 S Fulton Market
Ghost sign: Cedar Hotel 
Ghost sign: Ceresota Flour, 1515 W Devon Ave
Ghost sign: Champion Spark Plugs 708 N Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: Champion Spark Plugs 2002 W 18th St
Ghost sign: Champion Spark Plugs 2417 S Wabash Ave
Ghost sign: Champion Spark Plugs 5627 W Irving Park Road 
Ghost sign: Champion Spark Plugs 5914 N Milwaukee Ave
Ghost sign: Champion Spark Plugs 8623 S Vincennes Ave
Ghost sign: Chevrolet, Indiana Ave and Cermak Ave 
Ghost sign: Chicago Motor Club in Uptown
Ghost sign: Chicago Tanning Co, Bucktown Neighborhood
Ghost sign: Chicago Theater Entrance
Ghost sign: Christensen & Olsen Foundry Co., 218 N Racine Ave 
Ghost sign: Cigars 1428 S Kedzie Ave 
Ghost sign: Cleaners Drive Up Window, 1138 W Taylor St
Ghost sign: Cobey True Value Hardware, Logan Square Neighborhood
Ghost sign: Coke Cola 7949 S Racine Ave
Ghost sign: Continental Window and Glass on North West Side 
Ghost sign: Corner Grocery on S Carpenter and 83rd St
Ghost sign: Cream of Kentucky Whiskey 1643 N Milwaukee
Ghost sign: Cuban, 6638 S Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: Daily News 105x N Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: Daily News 1927 N Halsted St
Ghost sign: Daily News 2314 S Leavitt St
Ghost sign: Daily News, 3145 South May
Ghost sign: Daily News, 3329 S Aberdeen
Ghost sign: Daily News
David Storage
David Storage
Ghost sign: Delivery Wagons
Ghost sign: Diversey Inn, 2854 W Diversey St
Ghost sign: Double Bubble & Michelob on Tap, 6036 N Broadway
Ghost sign: Douglas Coal Co on  Archer Ave
Ghost sign: Dr Pepper Original, 75th St and Jeffery Blvd
Ghost sign: Drewrys Beer 3507 N Cicero Ave
Ghost sign: Drewry's Beer 4200 block of W Roosevelt Rd
Ghost sign: Drugs–Drink Coca-Cola–Cigars at 1363 W Shiller St
Ghost sign: DW Bostel
Ghost sign: Edelweiss Beer, 5508 W Fullerton Ave
Ghost sign: Ednas Restaurant 19 S Kedzie Ave
Ghost sign: Edward Hines Lumber Company on Clark St
Ghost sign: Elliots Paint
Ghost sign: For Your Pleasure
Ghost sign: Foremost Liquor Stores
Ghost sign: Foremost Liquors on Broadway

Ghost sign: Fox Deluxe Beer 1056 N Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: Fox Deluxe Beer 1629 N Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: Fox Deluxe Beer 3144 W Fulton St
Ghost sign: Fox Deluxe Beer 4457 N Kedzie Ave
Ghost sign: Fox Deluxe Beer 5038 Archer Ave
Ghost sign: G and Z Reataurant and Bar, 235 N Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: Gast Monument on Clark St
Ghost sign: General Furniture Co, 5927 W Chicago Ave
Ghost sign: Glenway Restaurant & Old Style Beer, Edgewater Neighborhood
Ghost sign: Godfather Video on Pulaski and Van Buren St
Ghost sign: Gold Dust Wash Powder, Irving Park Road and Wolcott Ave
Ghost sign: Gold Medal Flour, 1015 N Noble St
Ghost sign: Gold Medal Flour, 1901 N Bissell St
Ghost sign: Gold Medal Flour, 1917 W Armitage Ave
Ghost sign: Gold Medal Flour, 7341 S Halsted St
Ghost sign: Good Food, 1201 W 71st St
Ghost sign: Gossard Corsets, 1006 S Michigan Ave
Ghost sign: Great City Living
Ghost sign: Grocery Market, 7157 S Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: Gösser Beer imported from Austria
Ghost sign: HC Gasoline on Chicago Ave near Leavitt St
Ghost sign: Heating Company
Ghost sign: Hobbies Magazine, 1006 S Michigan Ave
Ghost sign: Hotel Cedar
Ghost sign: Hotel Somerset
Ghost sign: Howaniec Furniture
Ghost sign: Inter Seal Company
Ghost sign: Iron Fireman
Ghost sign: Jimmy Smith Budweiser, 6251 S Western Ave
Ghost sign: John Fass and Son Grocery and Market, 2101 N Kenmore Ave
Ghost sign: John Marshall Law School, State St and Van Buren St
Ghost sign: Keysters on N Pulaski and Berteau
Ghost sign: Kimbell Trust and Savings Bank, Armitage Ave Logan Square
Ghost sign: Kimbell Trust and Savings Bank, Diversey Ave
Ghost sign: Kimbell Trust and Savings Bank, W Fullerton Avenue
Ghost sign: Kopicki Funeral Home, 1701 W 21st St
Ghost sign: Koppers Coke, 9021 S Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: Koppers Coke, Belmont Ave near Harlem Avenue.
Ghost sign: L. Fish Furniture, Madison St and Karlov Ave
Ghost sign: Lang Ice Company 3600 W 59th St
Ghost sign: Lerose Coal Co.
Ghost sign: Lincoln Park Federal Savings
Ghost sign: Liquor Wicker, Park Neighborhood
Ghost sign: Lou's Sandwich Shop on Western Ave and Addison St
Ghost sign: Lyon and Healy Music Store Adams and Wabash
Ghost sign: Maher, 6572 N Sheridan
Ghost sign: Mann Draperies and Interiors, Grandville 'L' Station
Ghost sign: Marigold Margarine on Lincoln Ave and Lawrence. Thomas Cusack Co.
Ghost sign: Marlboro
Ghost sign: Meister Bräu Lite, 3636 S Western Ave
Ghost sign: Merit Truck Parts & Wheel Co., 1638 S Wabash Ave
Ghost sign: Midas Muffler, 6040 N Broadway
Ghost sign: Mourad Cleaners
Ghost sign: Nabisco Uneeda Biscuits, Jackson Blvd and Wells Street
Ghost sign: National Survey Service
Ghost sign: Gadzooke, North Broadway and Bryn Mawr
Ghost sign: North Oak Furniture
Ghost sign: North Side Cleaners on Broadway
Ghost sign: O'Hanley Undertaker, 6535 S Cottage Grove
Ghost sign: Old Style Beer 1401 W Devon Ave
Ghost sign: Old Vienna
Ghost sign: Overalls Shirts Pants
Ghost sign: Pago Pago
Ghost sign: Pawlansky Brothers Meat Market, 1235 N Damen
Ghost sign: Peck and Hills Furniture Co., 1000 N Ogden
Ghost sign: Peer, 46th St
Ghost sign: Pepsi
Ghost sign: Pillsbury on Southport Ave
Ghost sign: Prescription at Montrose and Pulaski
Ghost sign: Rent A Car
Ghost sign: Rival Dog Food California Ave and Granville St 
Ghost sign: R.J. Rous Inc Wholesale Milk and Cream
Ghost sign: S & H Green Stamps, Ingleside and 75th St
Ghost sign: Sakrete Ready to Use
Ghost sign: Schlitz Beer, 2645 W 79th Street
Ghost sign: Schlitz Beer, in Wicker Park
Ghost sign: Schulzes Butter-Nut Bread 18th and Damen 
Ghost sign: Seipp Conrad Brewing Co,. 89th and Commercial Ave
Ghost sign: Simmons Hide-A-Bed on N Ashland Ave
Ghost sign: St Adalbert Hall Bingo Wednesday Nites, 1641 W 16th St
Ghost sign: Stanley Bafia Funeral Home, 200x W 18th St
Ghost sign: Studebaker
Ghost sign: Sunny Brook Whiskey, Ogden Avenue at St Louis
Ghost sign: Swap O Rama Flea Market
Ghost sign: Swap O Rama Flea Market
Ghost sign: Taqueria El Milagro, 26th St and Albany St
Ghost sign: The Decorators Showroom
Ghost sign: The Fair, Logan Square Neighborhood
Ghost sign: The Old Fashioned Neighborhood Bank, N Clark St and North Ave
Ghost sign: The Rogers Park at Pratt Blvd and Sheridan Rd
Ghost sign: The Sunday Tribune on Chicago Ave
Ghost sign: Three Sisters, Roseland Neighborhood
Ghost sign: Tobacco the Old Standard, 33xx N Clark St
Ghost sign: Toots Ice Cream and Hot Dogs on Central Ave and Addison St
Ghost sign: Travel and Tours, Edison Park Neighborhood
Ghost sign: Universal Auto Parts, 2703 S Loomis St
Ghost sign: Unknown in Logan Square
Ghost sign: Unknown
Ghost sign: Unknown
Ghost sign: Unknown
Ghost sign: Vulcanizing, Logan Square
Ghost sign: Waste Marketing, 9441 S Ewing Ave
Ghost sign: West City Savings Bank, Belmont, and Central Ave
Ghost sign: Westmont Engineering Co., 4244 W Lake St
Ghost sign: Yellow Cabs
Ghost sign: Royal Messenger, 3517 S Indiana
Ghost sign: Mexican Inn, 95th & Ewing, sign on the back of the restaurant.
Compiled by Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D.