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The Chicago Autumn Festival, October 4-11, 1899.

The celebration of the Chicago Autumn Festival began in earnest with the arrival of President McKinley and the members of his cabinet, Vice President Marlscal of Mexico and party, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier. premier of Canada with other Canadian notables.
Pylons marking the north end of the Court of Honor (looking north on State Street and Lake Street) at the 1899 Autumn Festival of Chicago. The pylons were sculpted by Lorado Taft; the pylon at left symbolizes Prosperity, and on the right is Peace.
NOTE: the Chicago Street Paver Bricks.
The first of the series of parades and banquets were held, and business will be practically suspended. Vast crowds congregated in the handsomely decorated and brilliantly illuminated "Court of Honor" which includes the Arches, Pylons, Venetian Masts and Rostral Columns with hung draperies on State Street buildings for the Autumn Festival.

One of the opening features was a bicycle procession of over 7,090 uniformed wheelmen.

Compiled by Neil Gale, Ph.D. 

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