Friday, November 3, 2017

The Intersection of Loyola Avenue and Sheridan Road, Chicago, 1936.

The intersection of Loyola Avenue and Sheridan Road, Chicago, 1936. The Loyola station was on the Rapid Transit line; Jackson Park-Howard route (later known as the North-South line), today it's known as the Red Line.

Looking South East from Loyola Avenue towards Sheridan Road, Chicago, 1936.

1938 Chicago Rapid Transit route map.
1978 North-South route map.

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  1. When I was 15 (1975), I was crossing the street from the El station, between the 2nd and 3 viaducts you see, behind the car pictured here in the first photo, going southbound. I was rendered unconscious, and woke up in Edgewater hospital, where I stayed one week for my injuries. 7 years later, underneath those same tracks, going northbound, I got into an auto accident. Also, they filled in the spaces between the viaducts with concrete, so nobody else could share my fate.


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