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The Legendary Giordano's Restaurant and Pizzeria: A Taste of Chicago's History.

In 1974, a culinary tale unfolded in the heart of Chicago. Two brothers, Efren and Joseph Giordano, arrived from Turin, Italy, carrying precious cargo—their mother's cherished recipe for stuffed pizza. Little did they know that their family's traditional Italian pizza would soon become a staple of Chicago's culinary scene.

Stuffed Pizza is a Chicago creation.

Mama Giordano's cooking was legendary in her small northern Italian village near Turin, and this recipe originates from there.

Giordano's Deep-Dish Pizza.

Mama Giordano's kitchen in Turin was legendary, and her double-crusted, cheese-filled pizza was its crown jewel. This dish delighted locals and travelers, spreading its fame far and wide. Now, on the bustling streets of Chicago's South Side, the Giordano brothers opened their pizzeria at 6253 South California, hoping to recreate the magic of their mother's creation.
 A Deep-Dish Pizza Slice.

The baking dough and melted cheese aroma filled the air, enticing curious passersby. Each pizza was a tribute to Mama Giordano's legacy, crafted with the finest ingredients and unwavering dedication. Soon, word of this extraordinary pizza spread throughout the city, and Giordano's became a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.
Mama Giordano's "Italian Easter Pie," a double-crusted, cheese-stuffed masterpiece from Turin, Italy.

Over time, Giordano's and Chicago became inseparable. Their pizza, with its signature double crust and a symphony of flavors, captured the hearts and palates of countless pizza aficionados. The original recipe remained sacrosanct, but the brothers embraced creativity, offering a tantalizing array of toppings to suit every taste. Giordano's became a playground for pizza lovers, from classic pepperoni and sausage to exotic combinations.

The Difference Between Pan Pizza and Deep-Dish Pizza
Many Chicagoland pizza joints add tomato sauce to their deep-dish or pan pizzas, but the way the restaurant layers the toppings does not matter. 

Pan Pizza is made with thick dough placed on the bottom and wall of a well-seasoned pan, while deep-dish pizza is made with thin to medium dough all around the bottom and wall of the pan. 
A Pan Pizza Slice.

Deep-Dish Pizza, if you like more bread, look for a Pan Pizza restaurant. Imagine the deep-dish pizza as a 'pie,' with a thinner dough on the bottom and sides.
An Average Looking Deep Dish Pizza Slice.

Today, Giordano's Pizzeria is a culinary institution with locations nationwide. The legacy of Efren and Joseph Giordano lives on, inspiring generations of pizza makers and delighting countless customers. Their story is a testament to the power of family, tradition, and the simple joy of a perfectly crafted pizza.

Giordano's has expanded to over 65 locations in eight states, and its commitment to quality and tradition has earned it a place in the hearts of foodies everywhere. From classic pepperoni and sausage to more adventurous options, there's something for everyone at Giordano's.

All Deep Dish Pizzas

Compiled by Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D.


  1. I remember ordering a pizza to be delivered. Problem was, their delivery person didn't show up for work. One of the owners actually delivered the pizza himself. I lived at 64th & Hamlin. Their success is because they cared and did what it took to build their business. I always talk about this whenever Giordanos pizza comes up.

  2. I started eating their pizza when they were in half a store front near 63rd & California, Sandy one of the owners young wife was taking the orders,she was pregnant at the time.. I watched as they expanded to put tables and chairs in to dine in,if you wanted beer you had to go to the tavern next door by it and bring it in, then they punched a hole in the wall ,you have it passed through,then they expanded into the tavern and really started growing from there!!

  3. The liquor store was just south in the same building. We would get the beer there and bring it in. The were only two booths by the windows. We would come from Brighton Park to have a Giordano's pizza when we would get tired of eating Chesdan's or Falco's pizza.


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