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Sky-Hi Drive-In and Restaurant; Eat in a Real DC-7 Airplane.

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Chicago’s Sky-Hi Drive-In and Restaurant, 102 South Cicero Avenue, operated in a salvage-yard DC-7, the plane’s cabin was a 10-table fine dining room, opened in late 1963. The Dimas brothers, Jim, John, and Chris, evidently spent way too much money renovating and outfitting the 110-foot long plane with all-electric cooking facilities. 

Sky-Hi Drive-In was the first restaurant in a converted commercial airplane in the U.S., according to Hospitality Magazine.

They perched it on top of a small luncheonette that served as the drive-in part. The fuselage provided a fine dining experience, though it’s doubtful that happened. Located on a lot that previously held an auto body shop, it may not have been the most favorable site. Less than two years after opening Sky-Hi Drive-In was out of business.

For those of you that swear there was a Sky-Hi Drive-In at Midway Airport, you are mistaken. What was at 55th Street and Cicero Avenue was the "Trivic Airport Pines Midway Airport Restaurant."
Trivic Airport Pines Midway Airport Restaurant.

Compiled by Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D.

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