Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Red Hot Ranch at 3118 West Devon Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

In 1952, Isabel & Al Deutch opened the Red Hot Ranch (1952-1985) on Devon Avenue between Albany Avenue, and Troy Street, in Chicago’s West Rogers Park neighborhood of the West Ridge community. Little did they know they were creating a hot dog icon that would be remembered for well over a half-century.
Watercolor Painting by William Rubin. This one-of-a-kind watercolor was specifically painted for my sister, Michele, by Rubin, in the early 1970s.
Isabel hired many neighborhood kids was like a second mom to all. Mailmen started and ended their routes there, getting a cup of coffee in the morning and a hot dog in the afternoon.

Al was a chemical engineer who gladly worked the stand during the late shift often going past midnight wrapping those Vienna hot dogs and fries together. It was the hangout best remembered for its vitality as a happening little shack and the center of the neighborhood activity for many years.

The Ranch, as it was known, is gone now but will always be a part of the north side culture. Vienna Beef inducted the Red Hot Ranch on September 24, 2010.

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Compiled by Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D. 


  1. I would get a bag of wonderful (but greasy) fries and eat them on my bike ride home to Pratt and Richmond. SuperFuel!

  2. Great place and good memories. Wouldn't mind a dog and fries right now!

  3. Great memories of the fries, with the bottom of the bag completely saturated with grease. ....sounds gross, but it was heaven


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