Sunday, May 27, 2018

Lockwood Castle Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor, Chicago, Illinois.

Lockwood Castle was on the northwest corner of Devon and Central Avenues (5400 West Devon) in Chicago. The restaurant had booths in the front with large windows to look out on Central and Devon Avenues. In the back of the restaurant were tables for large groups. 
Famous for their "Giant Killer," a 24-scoop sundae topped with Hot Fudge, Strawberry, Marshmallow, Carmel, tons of cherries, and vanilla wafers. Topped off with sparklers and an American Flag, served in a 9"x13" glass bowl on a pedestal. It was usually ordered for birthdays or groups. The menu stated it served 4-6 people, but parties of 8 or more would order it for their dessert after dinner. If one person could eat it in one sitting, you were given a free Giant Killer sundae the next time you visited.
Double the size of this 12-scoop sundae, and you can imagine what the "Giant Killer" would look like.
On February 23, 1983, Lockwood Castle was visited by Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne, and a photo was taken of her drinking an Ice Cream Soda. Business boomed when the photo (by Al Podgorski) was published in the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.


  1. Grandma & Papa used to take me here for dinner. Great memories!

  2. That's funny, so did my Grandma & Grandpa. Excellent memories. And the French burger & relish trays were great.
    And to this day I have yet to see any place make as large ice cream deserts as they did.
    Cheers!! & Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Great revisting my childhood and neighborhoods... may I just ask for a mention of BUFFALO ICE CREAM PARLOR ?? Thanks!!

    1. This is not a Buffalo Ice Cream Parlor post. It's about Lockwood Castle Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor in Chicago.


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