Thursday, December 14, 2017

First Subscriber to the Telephone Exchange in Homer, Illinois, 1899

Dr. G. L. Williamson, who is always quick to take advantage of modern methods and the latest practical way of doing things, was the first subscriber to the White Telephone Exchange.
Homer, Illinois' First Telephone Exchange. Circa. 1900
The doctor took a phone first because he believed the telephone would be beneficial to his business. And now since he is receiving from one to five calls for professional services over the phone daily and as high as three in one night, he feels that he did not err in his judgment. What the telephone had done for the doctor, it will do for all other lines of business in Homer. The telephone is not only a great labor and time saver, but a business bringer as well. No business man should think of doing business without one. 

Homer Pilot, Homer, Illinois
October 25, 1899 

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