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Cozy Dog Drive In, 2935 South 6th Street, Springfield, Illinois on Route 66.

Cozy Dog is the original home of the cornbread battered hot-dog-on-a-stick. The Cozy Dog (better not call it a corndog) was invented by Buzz Waldmire.
A Cozy Dog is usually eaten with mustard. The hand-cut french fries are awesome too! 
Cozy Dogs was officially launched at the Lake Springfield Beach House on June 16th, 1946. Shortly after, the Cozy Dogs were introduced to the crowds at the Illinois State Fair that same year.

Waldmire's invention and claim-to-fame was unfortunately ripped-off, and was renamed the "corndog" which was thus marketed all over the states.

The first Cozy Dog House was located on South Grand between Fifth and Sixth Street in Springfield.
A 1950s photograph of the first Cozy Dog with a Manager and Ed Waldmire standing in the parking lot.
A second Cozy Dog House was located at Ash & MacArthur. In 1949, Cozy Dog Drive In was born; built on “Route 66” South Sixth Street.
In 1996 Cozy Dog moved to its current location, where Sue (Ed’s daughter in law) Josh, Eddie, Tony & Nick (Ed’s grandsons) continue on with the business right next door to the original location. Cozy Dog Drive In is located on the historic Route 66. The walls of the store tell the history of Cozy Dog and includes pictures of the restaurants rebuilding when they were forced to move. 

There is artwork by one of the sons of the late Buzz Waldmire, Bob Waldmire. The famous "walldog" artist, Bob Waldmire, has painted images on the sides of buildings along the entire Route 66. as an artist, he also did postcards, posters and maps with many images of Route 66.

Sadly, Bob Waldmire passed away from abdominal cancer on December 16, 2009. There is also some Buzz Waldmire memorabilia inside Cozy Dog, such as family photos and his book collection.Cozy Dog features a gift shop selling Route 66 merchandise.

Bob Waldmire: To the end of Route 66

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  1. I work for cozy dog in 1966 and so did my sister inlaw,i would go in at opening and peel, cut,blanch two 50lb. bags of potato's so the day shift would have French fry's for the day. then catch a bus to jr. high school, after school I would go back and work to close. did homework during supper break. d.l.mccubbin


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