Monday, February 6, 2017

Lost Towns of Illinois - Brush Point, Illinois.

Brush Point, Illinois, began as a settlement of small log houses on the western bank of the Kishwaukee river. It was located in Mayfield Township in DeKalb County, Illinois, and was established as far back as 1830.
Dr. Henry Madden, who resided in Brush Point, was elected as Representative to the Illinois State Legislature in 1836.

In June of 1839, the Village of Brush Point was one of three towns under consideration for the county seat. It gained the support of Dr. Madden. Ultimately, after some closed-door, backroom meetings, Brush Point lost out to Sycamore. The reason was given that the village was in low lying land next to the Kishwaukee River and was prone to flooding.

The citizens began moving to Sycamore, which was about 5 miles southeast and Brush Point just disappeared over the next couple of years. 

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