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Fun Fair (Amusement Park) in Skokie, Illinois. (1948-1968)

Fun Fair Amusement Park was located on the southeast corner of Skokie Highway and Golf Road in Skokie, Illinois. From 1948 to 1968, Fun Fair was owned and operated by Dave Foley, Tom Foley and John O'Brien.

Among its attractions was a fire engine, which was used to pick up birthday party guests at their homes and deliver them to the amusement park. 

There was a helicopter ride, boat ride, merry-go-round, a six-car Ferris wheel, a whip ride, the swinging gym, a truck ride on a track, hand crank peddle cars, tilt-a-whirl, a rocket ride, a car ride, and a miniature train. 
There were two roller coasters, the Little Dipper roller coaster, and the Wild Mouse roller coaster. The Wild Mouse wasn't really fast but it was a memorable ride with its tight, quick and flat turns. You always had the feeling the car was going to fall off the flimsy track.

Fun Times at Fun Fair in Skokie, Illinois

Compiled by Neil Gale, Ph.D. 


  1. This was the closest, but Riverview was the ultimate

  2. Thanks for all the pictures and video and history. Great memories. I loved the Wild Mouse at Fun Fair, loved Kiddieland, and Riverview.

  3. I remember having one of my birthday parties here. The fire truck picked me and my friends all up at my house and took us there. I never went on the Wild Mouse as it looked so scary with its abrupt changes in direction. I always thought this place was called Kiddieland as well.

  4. OH MY GOSH! 1 mi. from my house..Tom Foley (as you mentioned) was a partner w/my father in 50's Foley and Corcoran Ins. Co. downtown Evanston. Tom has a son, Tim Foley...went to Loyola Academy/Purdue, then 11 yrs. with Miami Dolphins 1970s. What I'd give to connect with Tim and share some memories of our dads.

  5. Neil Gale...I didn't quite "get" comment as , and just hit "Anonymous". Its ok if my name goes up..someone might know how to find Tim Foley. Thanks! What personal info comes up about people who post comments?

  6. Thank you so much. Going to Fun Fair with my dad was one of the brightest spots of my childhood!

  7. My dad was friends and a "competitor" of Mr O'Brian. I vaguely remember going to visit his park, it was fun to ride some different rides other than the same old same old ones that your parents had.....


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