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Kiddyland Amusement Park, East Dundee, Illinois. (1953-1960); Funland Kiddie Park, East Dundee, Illinois. (1961-1972)

Funland Kiddie Park was located in East Dundee. It was south of Santa’s Village, both of which were located on Illinois Route 25. It opened in 1959. 

A lot of people called this place Kiddyland (or Kiddieland). This park was the original local amusement park. It was also inexpensive. The park started on the east side of Route 25. After one season, it was moved to the west side of the road. When the park closed in 1972, the land was used for a Chevrolet dealership.
One of the most popular rides was the hand cars, also known as the pedal cars. It was a grand day when you got the strength to ride one by yourself. Even experienced riders got stuck. There was an employee who would come to the rescue.

The first ride a person saw were the train, a caged Ferris wheel, and a larger Ferris wheel. You would have to cross the train tracks to get to the entrance. The train went around the perimeter and through a shed. It was an open-type train, and a uniformed engineer sat on top. The train was stored in another shed on the property.

Sometimes, people went just for one of the Ferris wheels. Birthday parties were held here too. Others went for the other rides, such as the roller coaster. The Bozo Show’s Sandy the Clown and Ring Master Ned made an appearance too. 

The park closed in 1972.

Compiled by Dr. Neil Gale, Ph.D.

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  1. My childhood! ❤️❤️❤️ I can't tell you the THRILL I got when I discovered Kiddieland in Melrose Park and took my nieces and nephews there. Every bend in the poth lead me to another ride that had been at the Kiddie Land I grew up with in Dundee. So many memories! It became a yearly tradition to take the kids there and each time was extra fun as I'd see the rides again. ❤️


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