Thursday, November 2, 2017

Jo-Jo Kiddie Land Amusement Park, Chicago Heights, Illinois (1950-early 60s)

Jo-Jo Kiddie Land Amusement Park, at 3300 Chicago Road in Chicago Heights, Illinois was opened in 1950 by Joseph N. Bartolini.

The park opened with a Merry-Go-Round, a Diesel-locomotive miniature railroad, kiddie Ferris wheel, buggy ride, boats, airplanes, hand pedal cars, live ponies and a shooting gallery. In the 1st year, rides were a bargain 9¢ each.


  1. My father Joseph N Bartolini was a visionary starting many new business and selling them when they were up and running. According to him he never drew a paycheck the profit was in selling it and starting still another new business. B&B Hardware was also started by him. Two of his brothers worked for him again, Phil and Anthony.

    1. Please provide additional info for your Dad's "Jo-Jo Kiddie Land Amusement Park."

    2. I remember kiddeland well! The train went around in a oval I think. The fun part was when it went into the old tunnel. The engineer blew the horn. Boy thats a sixty year old memory. The cotton candy machine I remember. The sounds and smells still are in my memory. What a great place it was for us. Sad when it closed. I think some of the rides moved over to Dyer kiddeland eary 60s. Thank you Mr Bartolini for those memories


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