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Electric Park Amusements, Chicago, Illinois (1895-1901)

Mammoth Dedicatory Festival and 10-Day Carnival.

Electric Park Amusement Association on the corner of Elston, Belmont and California Avenues. The largest and best arranged amusement gardens in the world - fifty acres under 100 Arc Lights.
Electric Park, containing 50 acres of beautiful lawns and charming groves, will be dedicated to Concerts, Amusements, Athletics, etc., on Saturday August 3, 1895. Promptly at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon the flags will be run to the peak. Company "D" Illinois National Guard will fire a military salute and the gates of Electric Park will be opened to the public for the first time.

Electric Park is only 30 minutes ride from State and Madison Streets. To reach Electric Park take any line of cars running north from center of city, transfer to Belmont Avenue electric and you will be landed at Electric Park...
  • or take Milwaukee Avenue cable to Armitage Avenue, transfer at Armitage Avenue to Milwaukee Avenue electric and you will be carried to Electric Park...
  • or take Elston Avenue and you will be taken to Electric Park - or take Clybourn Avenue cars and you will ride to within 2 blocks of Electric Park...
  • or take C. & N. W. R. R. at Wells Street station to Avondale, leave train at Avondale station and you will be 2 blocks from Electric Park...
  • or take Metropolitan 'L' alight at California Avenue station and take Milwaukee Avenue electric, close at hand, and you will reach Electric Park...
  • or Belmont Avenue and Elston Avenue electric take you direct to Electric Park.
Single Admission 25¢, Season Tickets, transferable and good for ten admissions $2, for sale at the Grand Entrance on California Avenue.

A Royal Barbeque - An ox will be roasted bodily and served to visitors gratis.

Military Drill - There will be a Military Drill on Electric Park Court.

Bicycle Races - On Electric Park Bicycle Oval. The track measures three laps to the mile and is thirty feet wide. Management has donated $40 in prizes ($1,170 in 2017) and the Clarendon Wheelman will race the opening dayThe events are: Quarter mile scratch, half mile scratch, one mile lap race, three mile handicap and five mile handicap races.

Baseball Games - On Electric Park Baseball Grounds.

Football Games - On Electric Park Football Common.

Artistic Dancing - On Electric Park dancing pavilion, the largest dancing pavilion, with one exception, in America.

A Dream of the Civil War - On the evening of the opening day there will be presented the realistic military drama, "A Dream of the Civil War," with nature for a stage.

During the progress of the Carnival there will be a series of Dramas and Tableaux given, included in the series are the following: Camp Lincoln in Repose; The Scottish Chieftain; Ireland As It Is; Doom of the Traitor (Military Execution); An English Pastoral Scene, etc.

Dance of all Nations - A typical dance of all nations will take place on the Electric Park pavilion during the festival.

Fireworks - There will be a magnificent display of fireworks every night during the carnival and good music all the time.

The most gigantic entertainment since the World's Fair. Rivaling the bygone Midway in mirth and jollity.

The Electric Park was foreclosed on December 22, 1901 and portions of the land were auctioned off.

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