Saturday, August 12, 2017

Green Oaks Kiddyland, 95th Street and Crawford Avenue (now Pulaski Road), Oak Lawn, IL. (1946-1971)

Green Oaks Kiddyland (yes... it's spelled correctly), was an amusement park that was located on the southwest corner of 95th Street and Crawford Avenue (now Pulaski Road), was a major family entertainment site for the Oak Lawn area for nearly 25 years. It was also known as Green Oaks Playland. 
Created by Mike "Mickey" Doolin in 1946, he began with only three portable carnival style rides that sat on twenty-one acres, when it opened just in time for the season.
Mickey Doolin, Owner of Green Oaks Kiddyland.
In 1955 the rides included; Airplanes, Army Tanks, Autos, Boats, Ferris wheel, Fire Engine, Hand Cars, Hobby Horse, Horse & Buggy, Merry-Go-Round, Roller Coaster, Sky Fighter, Train and the Whip.
Green Oaks Kiddyland was the largest entertainment venue in the Oak Lawn area at one time. It was closed in 1971 with 15 rides, when it was sold, torn down and replaced by a Venture store (now a K-Mart).

NOTE: These photographs were near impossible to find.

The fire truck was used to pick up kids for private parties, at their house, and drive them to Kiddyland. The rest of the time, it was used as a ride in the park.
Identified as Mary Munson by Granddaughter Marci M. Harvey-Utes.

Identified as Clarence Munson by Granddaughter Marci M. Harvey-Utes.

A 1956 Kodachrome Photograph from Susanne Houfek.
Compiled by Neil Gale, Ph.D.