Monday, June 26, 2017

Flavel Moseley Social Adjustment School at 24th Street and Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Flavel Moseley Social Adjustment School, built in 1856 at a cost of $25,445, located at 2348 South Michigan Avenue was the oldest school building in the Chicago public system. The school building was demolished in 1959.
Moseley School. Photo taken on 24th Street and the Wabash Avenue side of the school. 1922
Opened in rented quarters in 1854, the Flavel Moseley school was named for the first president of the Chicago school board and founder of the high school library system. The 10 room building had an initial enrollment of 600 elementary pupils in classes which started in February, 1857. When an addition was built in 1857, the Moseley school became the south division high school. 
Class in session at the Moseley School, 24th and Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. 1900
In 1936, the school was geared for social adjustment.


  1. My father, William L. Ayers, graduated from Moseley School on 1-27-1912 according to a letter he wrote to his mother on that day.

  2. What is the reason for the unusual garment worn by the students? ...,,...Chicago author HENRY Blake Fuller (1857-1929) attended this school in the 1860s. S Thomas


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