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  • Illinois Forts beginning in the late-1600s.
  • Illinois Frontier and Indian History.
  • Fascinating Illinois History.
  • Defunct Illinois Amusement Parks.
  • Chicago Stories.


Illinois Forts Beginning in the Late 1600s.

[FR] French Fort           [IN] Indian Fort           [BR] British Fort          [US] American Fort

Illinois Frontier and Indian History.

1711 French Settlement is the beginning of today's Peoria, Illinois.
1814 Wood River, Illinois Massacre.
1816 Treaty of St. Louis and the 1821 and 1833 Treaties of Chicago.
Ancient and Frontier Fortifications in Illinois.
Ancient Chicago Indian Mounds.
Ancient Illinois Indian Mounds - A Technical Examination.
Black Hawk War and Illinois’ Role (April to August of 1832).
Bloody autumn at Nauvoo (Mormon Town), Illinois in 1845.
Buried Under the World's Largest Pickle Farm in Chicago.
Cahokia Mounds and the Indian Village of Cahokia.
Cemetery History of Early Chicago.
Charles Jouett, the First U.S. Indian Agent Residing at Chicago.
Chicago as a Hunting Post.
Chicago may have once been home to an ancient lizard effigy mound.
Chicago's First Black, Non-Native Settler, Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. (1778)
Chicago's First Resident, Antoine Ouilmette, July 1790-1826.
Christiana and John Tillson, Illinois Pioneers.
Did French Fort Chicagou exist at the mouth of the Chicago River or was it a myth?
Exploring Seventeenth Century "Pais des Illinois," the Illinois Country.
Father Pére Jacques Marquette's Death, his Last Two Years. (1673-1675)
First Frenchman in Southern Illinois was a Poacher.
Fort Dearborn Massacre on August 15, 1812; a brutal account and an in-depth analysis.
"Free Frank" McWorter paid for his freedom from slavery and bought his family's freedom.
Free Negroes in Illinois Prior to the Civil War, 1818-1860
French Chicago during the Eighteenth Century.
French Life in the Illinois Country, from Canada to Louisiana, in the 1700s.
Galena Illinois' Old Stockade used during the Black Hawk War 1832.
Green Bay trail, aka: "Old Jambeau trail" from Chicago to Green Bay.
Gurdon Hubbard arrived in Chicago before the Town of Chicago was incorporated in 1833.
Henri de Tonti and his Connection with what would become Illinois. (1650-1704)
History of Indians in the Illinois Country.
History of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois.
History of the Illinois Country from 1673-1782.
History of the Mesquakie (Fox) Indian Tribe; Searching for Fort du Renards (Fort Fox).
How the City of Newton and Jasper County, Illinois, Got Their Names.
Illiniwek Indians made a bid for power in the late 1600s based on bison and slavery.
Illiniwek Tribes History from the Illinois Country through the Mid-1830s.
Illinois County Boundaries Maps from 1790-1859.
Illinois 'River Pirates' in the Northwest Territory in the 1790s.
Illinois Territory 15 Counties between 1909 and Statehood in 1818, with a map.
Important Chicago Firsts by the Kinzie Family.
James Semple is a Classic Example of a Prairie Entrepreneur.
Jean Baptiste La Lime was Chicago's first murder victim; killed by John Kinzie; 1812
Jean-Gabriel Cerré's success in French & British régimes during Revolutionary War.
John Duff, the late eighteenth century Illinois counterfeiter.
John Kinzie, one of Chicago's Founding Fathers.
John Jones, a free Negro, used his house & office as Chicago Underground Railroad Stops.
Kaskaskia Indian Reservation in Illinois.
Kickapoo and Mascouten Tribes History in the Illinois Country.
Lake Chicago becomes Lake Michigan as the last great ice flow retreats 14,000 years ago.
La Vantum, an Illiniwek Village (aka: Grand Village; Old Kaskaskia Village)
La Vantum Village, Massacre of the Illinois Indians by the Iroquois and its Aftermath.
Lee's Place / Hardscrabble, Illinois, today's Bridgeport community of Chicago.
Legend of the Piasa "Bird" which is carved and painted on a bluff in Alton, Illinois.
Life and Times of Chicagoan Billy Caldwell.
Life in Post-Colonal Illinois for French Women and Families.
"Life of Black Hawk" as dictated by himself.
Mixture of Tribes in Chicago Area Indian Villages.
Negroes, Race and Ethnicity in Illinois and the North during the Civil War.
Old French Village; Today's Peoria.
One Man's Story of "Indian-Hating" in the Illinois Country Frontier.
Origin and Meaning of the Name Chicago.
Philippe de Rocheblave, a Military Opportunist in the Illinois Country.
Pierre Menard House at 4230 Kaskaskia Road in Ellis Grove, Illinois.
Plains Indians in Illinois before French Colonization of Mississippi Valley in mid-1700s.
Rough and Ready in Illinois. Zachary Taylor's daring exploits in the Prairie State.
Southern Illinois; A brief history.
Starved Rock Massacre of 1769 - Fact or Fiction.
Susan Simmons Winans. The Last Known Survivor of the Chicago Fort Dearborn Massacre.
The Marquette and Jolliet "Cross" Chicago, Illinois.
The Monk and the Earthquake at Cahokia's Monk's Mound in Illinois Territory, 1811-1812.
The word "Grocery" had a different meaning before the 20th century.
William Henry Harrison, Steals Western Illinois from the Sauk and Fox Indian Tribes.
William Wells; Indians kidnapped at 13; Indian warrior fights for U.S. at Fort Dearborn.

Fascinating Illinois History.

1833 Cholera Epidemic in Illinois; nicknamed the "Plague on the Prairie."
1917 Race Riots in East St. Louis, Illinois.
1968 Illinois earthquake, a "New Madrid Fault event," was the largest recorded in the state.
Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd. A Surprising, Enduring Union.
Abraham Lincoln came near death from smallpox.
Abraham Lincoln Institutes centralized banking to fund Union in the Civil War on 3/3/1863.
Abraham Lincoln Life Masks.
Abraham Lincoln Loved Cats, Dogs, Goats, a Pig, a Turkey and of course, his Horse.
Abraham Lincoln Watermelon Monument in Lincoln, Illinois, Town Christening in 1853.
Abraham Lincoln was challenged to a duel to the death by James Shields, State Auditor.
Abraham Lincoln was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.
Abraham Lincoln, Teetotaler member of the 'Long Nine', Really Enjoyed a Good Party.
Abraham Lincoln, the only U.S. President to Hold a Patent.
Abraham Lincoln–Stephen Douglas Debates; the First being held on August 21, 1858.
Abraham Lincoln: Grave Robbers try to Steal the President's body in 1876.
Abraham Lincoln: How Negros in Early Springfield Influenced his views on Race.
Abraham Lincoln: the History of Illinois' Lincoln Trail.
Abraham Lincoln's Law Partner, William H. Herndon's 200th Birthday is December 25, 2018.
Abraham Lincoln's New Salem State Historic Site in Illinois.
Abraham Lincoln's Nomination in Chicago in 1860.
Alta May Hulett, age 19, became the first woman admitted to the Illinois bar in 1873.
America’s First Black Town, Brooklyn, Illinois founded 1820s (aka: Lovejoy, Illinois).
American Bottom. The Story of the Illinois portion.
American Distilling Company, Pekin, Illinois. (1894-1920)
Artist Ivan Albright's History and Family Log House in Hubbard Woods, Winnetka, Illinois.
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois, Haunted History.
Barack Obama Day; August 4, 2018 is the first day of this President's holiday in Illinois.
Belleville, Illinois' Brewery History.
Bielfeldt Brewing Company and the History of Thornton Illinois Breweries.
Bowe Brothers of Co. "D" 66th Illinois Volunteer Infantry in "Birge's Western Sharpshooters."
Broadwell Inn & Tavern dates back to 1824 in Clayville, Illinois.
Brown's Chicken Massacre in the Palatine, Illinois, restaurant on January 8, 1993.
Cahokia Courthouse, a reconstructed New France [post on sill] structure built about 1740.
Camp Skokie Valley (Army), a CCC (New Deal project) in Harms Woods in Glenview.
Captain John Stevens, Naperville Illinois' First Professional Builder.
Carol Moseley Braun was the first Black woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate in 1992.
Cayuga, Illinois History begins well before Route 66 came through town.
Centralia, Illinois, Mine № 5 (in Wamac, Illinois) Disaster of March 25, 1947. In-depth.
Chain of Rocks Bridge, Chouteau Island, Illinois.
Charles Birger, a Southern Illinois mobster. The full story.
Charles Dawes from Evanston; WWI General, 30th U.S. V.P., Ambassador to Great Britain.
Cherry, Illinois Mine Disaster of November 13, 1909.
Chicago, Aurora & Elgin Railroad history - from the Beginning.
Chicago, Wilmington and Franklin Coal Co. Orient № 2 Mine Explosion, 12-21-1951.
Cora Agnes Benneson, born Quincy, Illinois. Early Lawyer, Reformer, Scholar. (1851-1919)
District 6 Illinois State Police HQ history, in Pontiac, Illinois on Route 66. (1942-2003)
Dr. A. Louise Klehm: Niles Center (Skokie) Illinois' First Lady of Family Practice.
Edens Theater in Northbrook, Illinois was a Hyperbolic Paraboloid structure. (1963-1994)
Eldorado Illinois' Founding History.
Elgin & Belvidere Interurban 36-mile line between Belvidere and Elgin, Illinois. (1907-1930)
Elizabeth "Betsey" Reed was hung in 1845 as Illinois' First Female Serial Killer.
Excelsior Press Brick Company at Gregg's Milk Station (Westmont), Illinois. (1872-1875)
F. W. Woolworth Co., the days they sold baby turtles in their pet departments.
Famous Sulphur Springs Resort in the City of Creal Springs, Illinois.
First Elgin Illinois Airport, (42.07 North / 88.29 West)
Food - Amy Joy Donuts, a small chain in Illinois, lost to time.
Food - Bill's Drive-In, Evanston, Illinois.
Food - Elliott's Pine Log Restaurant and Lounge in Skokie, Illinois. (1939-1988)
Food - Maurice Lenell Cooky Company's History, Chicago-Norridge, Illinois.
Food - Sandy's Drive-In's of Illinois
Food - Wimpy Grills in the Chicagoland area. (1934-1978)
Founding of Orangeville, Illinois.
Frank Long House of Oak Park, Illinois.
Future City, Illinois, the Town that Washed Away.
Henry Harms, founder of Skokie and Harms Park Restaurant - Picnic Grounds in Chicago.
Hillary Rodham Clinton, a Brief Biography of a Chicagoan. 
History of Carmi, Illinois.
History of Millstadt, Illinois.
How Illinois was effected by the "Mississippi Bubble" in the early 18th century.
Illinois becomes the 21st State of the Union on December 3, 1818.
Illinois Central (IC) Railroad Station [Springfield Union Station] in Springfield, Illinois History.
Illinois County Boundaries Maps from 1790-1859.
Illinois' Black Codes.
Illinois' first Penitentiary in Alton unfit for prisoners - closed 1860. Then came the Civil War.
Is a Native American tribe one of the Lost Tribes of Israel? Exploring the possibility.
Jackie Joyner-Kersee, "Sports Illustrated for Women" top female athlete 20th century.
James Benton Parsons, first Black Federal Judge; served the Northern Illinois court. 1961
Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State, Biography.
John Crenshaw's 'Old Slave House' and "Reverse Underground Railroad" in Equality, IL
John Messinger (1771-1846), and the Messinger Schoolhouse & Cemetery in Swansea, IL.
John Washington Barker, Life and Times of a 131st Illinois Civil War Infantry Man.
Josephine Garis Cochrane, the inventor of the Dishwasher.
Krauss Building at 209 W. High Street, Freeburg, Illinois, history.
Keeley Institute, Dwight, Illinois & Keeley Day at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition.
Kinsella Two-Story Log Cabin (1854), Fairview Heights. 1st Interior Shots Since 1976.
Labor and Industry Museum in Belleville Illinois.
Lambs Farms, Libertyville, Illinois.
Legal Alcohol that was available during the prohibition years in Illinois.
Lewis Round Barn and Museum in the Village of Mendon, Adams County, Illinois.
Libby Prison War Museum was in Chicago from 1889 to 1897.
Lillian Honeywell Beall, age 20, the youngest college professor in United States.
Lincoln, the Illinois County that Never Was.
Log Cabin Inn on Route 4 which later became Route 66 through Pontiac, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Alpine, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Brush Hill, Illinois & Fullersburg, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Brush Point, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Cass, Illinois & Lace, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Elm Point, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Elton, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Forksville, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Goshen Settlement.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Half Day, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Half Way, Illinois & Halfway, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Harlem, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Miles Station, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Mormon Town, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - New Philadelphia, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - No Man's Land, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Sangamo Town, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Science, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - Strasburg, Illinois.
Lost Towns of Illinois - St. Philippe, Illinois.
Lucy Ella Gonzales Parsons, Chicago, Illinois. More Dangerous than a Thousand Rioters.
Macoupin County Jail in Carlinville, Illinois. (1869-1988)
Maeystown, Illinois, the 1852 German Village that time forgot. Lots of Personal Photos.
Manuel, a slave in 1779, as historical accounts say, was burned for witchcraft in Illinois.
Martin-Boismenue House History in East Carondelet Illinois with my Photos.
Mary Ann McMorrow, was the first female Supreme Court Justice in Illinois.
Mary Todd Lincoln in the midst of the 1871 Great Chicago Fire.
Mary Todd Lincoln's Life, an in-depth look.
Maud Powell, an American Violinist Pioneer. (1867-1920)
Mississippi River Crossing - Ste. Genevieve-Modoc Ferry, Modoc, Illinois.
Mother Jones; The Life and Times of Mary Harris, Union Organizer the "Miners Angel."
National Road aka: Cumberland Road, including the Illinois portion.
Nicholas Jarrot Mansion, Illinois' Oldest Brick House with blueprints, Cahokia, Illinois. (1806)
Nineteen year old Alta May Hulett, the first woman admitted to the Illinois bar in 1873.
Panic of 1893 in Illinois and Chicago.
Purple Hotel history in Lincolnwood, Illinois.
Racists Miss the Point of this Billboard in Justice, Illinois; September of 1991.
Richard Eells, M.D. house used as an Underground Railroad stop in Quincy, Illinois.
Robert Pershing Wadlow, World's Tallest Man from Alton, Illinois. (1918-1940)
Roller Rinks in Illinois: Hub Roller Rink & Axle Roller Rinks.
Ronald Reagan, 40th President and Only President Born in Illinois. {Birthplace: Tampico, IL}
Rondout, Illinois, 'Largest Train Robbery in U.S. History' in 1924, and still own the 'Record.'
O'Hare Stadium Midget Car Racing in Schiller Park, Illinois. (1956-1968)
Skokie Lagoons Evolution.
Skokie (Niles Centre), Illinois - Old businesses within a block radius from downtown Skokie.
State Capitol Buildings from 1818 to the Present.
The Night Hanukkah Harry Saved Christmas, Season 15 of SNL - December 16, 1989.
Thomas Neill Cream, M.D., Serial Killer. (1850-1892)
Tinker Family and Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens in Rockford, Illinois.
Town of Austin, Illinois, was annexed to Chicago against the towns wishes in 1899.
University of Illinois Observatory, Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.
Vault Lights of the 19th & 20th Century (prism glass) used in Illinois Towns and Cities.
Vigilante Justice in the Illinois Rock River Valley. "Regulators and the Prairie Bandits."
Village of Godfrey, Illinois.
Virden, Illinois, Coal Mine Massacre on October 12, 1898.
Walgreens History Begins in Dixon, Illinois, in 1901.
Waubansee Stone of Chicago. A real mystery.
Where did you say Route 66 started?
White Birch Forest at Lunt and Ashland in 1900, Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois.
Why is there a statue of Chicago's Mayor Richard J. Daley in Illinois' State Capitol?
Woodfield Shopping Mall in Schaumburg opens as Largest Regional Mall in 1971.
Wyatt Earp, born in Monmouth, Illinois. (1848-1929)
Yanda Log Cabin in Glen Carbon, Illinois was built in 1853.
Zeigler, Illinois - A Breath Away from Being the Nation’s Capitol.

Defunct Illinois Amusement Parks.

Acorn Ridge (Amusement) Park, Lemont. (late 1940s-1989)
Adventureland (Amusement Park), Bloomingdale (Addison). (1961-1977)
Al Fresco Amusement Park, Peoria Heights, Illinois. (1905-1944)
Auburn Kiddieland, Rockford, Illinois. (1921-1942)
Bounceland Trampoline Parks in Northern Illinois. (late 1950s - early 1960s)
Central Park Gardens Amusement Park, Rockford, Illinois. (1921-1942)
Chateau De La Plaisance Amusement Park, 5318-26 S. State, Chicago. (1907-1910)
Cream City (Amusement) Park, 7601 West Ogden, Lyons. (1905-1908)
Deer Haven Kiddie Park, Fox Lake. (1960-1967)
Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom, Routes 83 & 38, Oakbrook Terrace. (1975-1984)
Dreamland (Amusement) Parks, Springfield. (1912-mid-1930s)
Electric Park (Amusement), Kankakee. (1894-1934)
Electric Park (Amusement), Marion. (c.1904-????)
Electric Park (Amusement), Plainfield. (1904-1932)
Electric Park Amusements, Elston, Belmont and California, Chicago. (1895-1901)
Exposition (Amusement) Park, Aurora. (1922-1931)
Fairyland (Amusement) Park, Harlem & 40th, Lyons. (1938-1977)
Ferris Wheel Park, 1288 North Clark Street, Chicago. (1896-1903)
Forest (Amusement) Park, Desplaines & Harrison, Forest Park. (1908-1922)
Fort Sheridan Amusement Park, Highwood. (1898-1908)
Fun Fair (Amusement Park), Skokie. (1948-1968)
FunTown Amusement Park, 95th & Stony Island, Chicago. (1967-1982)
Gabriel Yon's Balloon (Amusement) Park, Cottage Grove & 50th, Chicago. (1892)
Green Oaks Kiddyland, 95th & Crawford Avenue [Pulaski], Oak Lawn. (1946-1971)
Harlem (Amusement) Park, Rockford, Illinois. (1891-1928)
Hawthorn-Mellody Farms & Amusement Park, Libertyville. (1907-1970)
Hillcrest (Amusement) Park, Woodridge (formerly Lemont). (1952-2003)
Hollywood Kiddieland, McCormick & Devon, Chicago. (1949-1974)
Jo-Jo Kiddie Land Amusement Park, Chicago Heights. (1950-early 60s)
Kiddieland, North & 1st Avenues, Melrose Park. (1929-2009)
Kiddieville (Amusement Park), Niles. (c1936-c1966)
Kiddy Town Amusement Park, Norridge. (1953-1964)
KiddyTown Amusement Park, 95th & Stony Island, Chicago. (1950-1967)
Lincoln Land Amusement Park, Effingham. (1977-1988)
Luna (Amusement) Park, Halsted & 52nd, Chicago. (1907-1911)
Midway Plaisance at the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. (1893)
Mother Goose Gardens (Amusement Park), La Salle. (1957-1968)
Old Catlin Illinois Fairgrounds, Manual 'Ferris' Wheel Kills a Young Girl. (1876)
Old Chicago Amusement Park, Bolingbrook. (1975-1981)
Olson Memorial Park, Waterfall and Rock Garden, Chicago. (1935-1978)
Paul's Grove (Amusement Park), Medinah Road & Lake Street, Addison. (1952-1961)
Playland Amusement Park, 79th & La Grange Rd, Willow Springs, [Justice]. (1950-1979)
Ravinia Amusement Park, Highland Park. (1904-1910)
Riverview (Amusement) Park, Aurora. (1899-1910)
Riverview (Amusement) Park, Belmont & Western, Chicago. (1904-1967)
Sans Souci Amusement Park, 6000 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago. (1899-1913)
Schuetzen Park, aka: Sharpshooter Park, Belmont & Western, Chicago. (1879-1903)
State Fair Amusement Park, or State Fair Kiddieland, Springfield (c.1940-1992)
State Street (Amusement) Park, SW Corner of State & 22nd, Chicago. (1883)
Storybook City USA, Medinah & Lake Street, Addison. (1952-1961)
Storybook Park, Medinah & Lake Street, Addison. (1952-1961)
White City Amusement Park, 63rd & South Parkway (MLK Drive), Chicago. (1905-1933)
Whoopee Auto Coasters of Illinois. (1929-1930)

Chicago Stories.

1855 Chicago Lager Beer Riots.
1864 Civil War Soldier's Home at 739 East 35th Street.
1872 The Chicago Bread Riot.
1886 Haymarket Riot - a movement in Chicago for the eight-hour work day.
1893 WCE - Antique books+ in my 1893 World's Columbian Exposition Reading Room
1893 WCE - Chicago Day, October 9, 1893.
1893 WCE - Dr. Gale exposes Pabst Brewing Co. myth of their "Blue Ribbon."
1893 WCE - Failure of the Spectatorium Building.
1893 WCE - First-Ever Brownie; Invented by Chicagoan Bertha Palmer for 1893 World’s Fair.
1893 WCE - Glass Blocks.
1893 WCE - Intramural Railway.
1893 WCE - John Bull Locomotive.
1893 WCE - Observation (Ferris) Wheel.
1893 WCE - Pledge of Allegiance; written for this occasion.
1893 WCE - Proposal to house the entire Fair... within one structure... on Lake Michigan!
1893 WCE - Viking Ship.
1903 Chicago Coal Famine.
1933-34 Chicago World's Fair - Dymaxion Car.
1933-34 Chicago World's Fair - Mechanical Television.
Al Capone and his brother Ralph are Responsible for 'Milk Expiration Dating' in Illinois.
Al Capone - "My Uncle Al Capone played Santa Claus." A true story.
Allan Pinkerton and the History of Pinkerton's National Detective Agency in Chicago.
Anita McCormick Blaine, Chicago Philanthropist. (1866-1954)
Anna Carlo-Blasi, “Queen of Little Italy," campaigned for better sanitation to fight cholera.
Annette Nance-Holt, first female named 1st Deputy Chicago Fire Dept. Commissioner.
Anthony Overton, Chicagoan, the first black man to lead a major business conglomerate.
Arnold, Schwinn & Company, a Bicycle Manufacturer in Chicago.
Arthur J. Audy Home in Chicago was the Largest Juvenile Jail in the World.
Automatic Street Traffic System, Inventor Earnest Sirrine of Chicago patented in 1910.
Babette Mandel, Women of Influence Shaping Chicago History. (1842-1945)
Barack Obama, President, Biography.
Belgian Wood Block Alleys in Chicago's Astor Street District.
Benjamin Barker's letter excerpts to Brother Jacob Barker in 1833; Chicago becomes town.
Betty Ford (1918-2011) born in Chicago, First Lady of the United States (1974-1977).
Birdcage Apartments at Ridge and Farwell in Chicago, built in 1959.
Brennan Family Easter Photos from Chicago, Illinois. (1947-2013)
Brief History of Devon Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Bund leader Fritz Kuhn promises to make Germany & America great at 1939 Chicago rally.
Carmelita Pope - One of the First Ladies of Chicago Television.
Carroll Street, a little-known subterranean street runs along the River North neighborhood.
Carter Harrison Sr., Mayor, Assassinated by Patrick Eugene Prendergast 10/28/1893
 Carter Harrison Sr., Last Speech at World's Fair before His Murder; night of 10/28/1893
Cemetery History of Early Chicago.
Clarence Buckingham and his Memorial Fountain in Chicago's Grant Park.
Charles Dickinson Inn and Tavern History in today's Portage Park Community of Chicago.
Charles Jerold Hull, a biographical sketch of Chicago's philanthropist, of Hull House fame.
Chicago and Evanston Telephone Exchange History including name code meanings.
Chicago Artilleryman's Account of the Battle of Shiloh. "Our Wish for a Hard Battle." [PG-13]
Chicago Club at Michigan Avenue and Van Buren Street, the original Art Institute building.
Chicago "Common Brick" and "Street Paver Brick" history, with pictures.
Chicago Daily News Fresh Air Fund Sanitarium. (1920-1939)
Chicago Fire(s) - 1857, October 19th, the Brothel Conflagration.
Chicago Fire(s) - 1871, Fire Destruction at Fifth Avenue and Madison Street, Chicago.
Chicago Fire(s) - 1871, October 7th the "Saturday Night Fire" that Struck Chicago.
Chicago Fire(s) - 1871, October 8th, the Great Chicago Fire, the O'Leary's and their Cow.
Chicago Fire(s) - 1871, Map Showing the Burnt Area from the Great Chicago Fire.
Chicago Fire(s) - 1903, December 3rd, Iroquois Theater Fire that claimed 602+ persons.
Chicago Fire(s) - 1958, December 1st, Our Lady of the Angels School Fire.
Chicago Fire(s) - 1967, January 16th, the First McCormick Place Fire.
Chicago Firsts through 1880.
Chicago Home for Aged Jews was established on the South Side in 1891.
Chicago Home for the Incurables was located at 5555 South Ellis Avenue.
Chicago, Illinois, the Silent Movie Capital of the World.
Chicago incorporated as a town August 12, 1833; Ordinances passed November 7, 1833.
Chicago Leland Giants Negro Base Ball Team. (1901-1909)
Chicago Museum that is downtown and no one seems to know about it; Just walk-in!
Chicago National League Baseball Parks History beginning with Union Base-Ball Grounds.
Chicago Police Parade; a Lumière Bros film from 1896. I uncover the history and location.
Chicago Radio Laboratory selling "Z-Nith" radios in 1918, (Future Zenith Radio Corp.)
Chicago Sidewalk Nameplates (Stamps and Plaques), History.
Chicago Streetcar № 1137, Lost and Found.
Chicago Water Tower - One of Five Structures Surviving the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.
Chicago's Air Quality.
Chicago's Alley History.
Chicago's Bridge to... Nowhere?
Chicago's Famous Lake Shore Drive history.
Chicago's first and only Crucifixion happened on March 9, 1945.
Chicago's Gay-rights protest June 1977 marked turning point of Chicago's LGBT movement.
Chicago's "I Will" Motto and "Y" Municipal Device History. {You'll know it when you see it.}
Christmas Tree Ship is a captivating Chicago holiday story.
City of Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium History.
Coal, the Technology that Changed Chicago.
Crilly Court Apartments on 1700 block of Wells; Daniel Crilly developed much of Old Town.
Crosby's Opera House, Chicago, Illinois (1865-1871).
Cubs Win 1908 World Series and Chicago Celebrates. We identify correct subject - date. 
Daniel Hale Williams Completes First Open-Heart Surgery in Chicago in 1893.
Diana the Hunter Statue erected in front of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1909. No Lions?
Dime Museums are the lowest rungs on the Chicago showbiz ladder.
Dunning, Chicago's Insane Asylum.
Dutch Community History in Chicagoland.
Edgewater Beach Hotel and Apartments in Chicago. History with lots of Images.
Edgewater Golf Club History in Chicago, Illinois.

Edith Spurlock Sampson, America's first African American female Judge.
Eliza Emily Chappell, the First Chicago Teacher Paid by Public Funds in 1833.
Elks National Veterans Memorial was built at Sheridan and Diversey in 1923-24.
Ernest “Ernie” Banks, the first Black Chicago Cubs player. 
Evanston Avenue Steam-Dummy Locomotive, Chicago, Illinois
Everleigh Club in Chicago. The Most Famous Brothel in US History. [PG-13]
Evolution of Streets in Chicago.
Fair Store was founded in Chicago, Illinois. (1874-1963)
Famous Block 37 in Chicago.
Father Time Clock at the Jewelers Building, 35 East Wacker Drive.
First Radio Station and the First Radio Broadcast in Chicago, Illinois.
Food - Ashkenaz Restaurants and Delis of Chicago was a family owned success.
Food - Berry’s Candy Factory in a former church at State and Adams Streets, Chicago.
Food - Brach’s Confections. The "Palace of Sweets," a Chicago Institution.
Food - Cape Cod Room at Chicago's Drake Hotel, nation’s 1st themed restaurant.
Food - C.J. Vitner Company, Chicago style snacks.
Food - Downtown Chicago Restaurant Area Nicknames from the 1900s.
Food - Fluky's Hot Dog Stands, Chicago; 5¢ Depression Sandwich & 2¢ Garden on a Bun.
Food - Forum Cafeteria at 64 W. Madison; Biggest Restaurant in Chicago. (1911-1973)
Food - Frederick Weeks Wilcox invented the Chinese Takeout Box in 1894.
Food - Kow Kow Chinese Restaurant, Chicago, then Lincolnwood, Illinois.
Food - Leavitt's Delicatessen, Halsted and Maxwell Street, Chicago. (1920s-1960s.)
Food - Maurice Lenell Cooky Company's History, Chicago-Norridge, Illinois.
Food - Monarch Brewing Company of Chicago History.
Food - Mrs. Hering's Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Launching Marshall Field's Food Service.
Food - Superdawg at Devon, Milwaukee and Nagle Avenues, Chicago. A 1950s drive-in.
Food - Wimpy Grills in the Chicago, Illinois Area. (1934-1978)
Four Plus One (4+1), term unique to Chicago, Mid-Century, Mid-Rise Apartment Buildings.
Frank Billings, Dean of Rush Medical College, was a body-snatcher.
Frink & Walker’s General Stage Coach History, Chicago, Illinois. (1844)
Galena & Chicago Union Railway Station at Canal and Kinzie, Chicago's first depot. 1855
General McArthur Day, April 26, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois.
Ghost Signs found in Chicago, Illinois. Over 200 presented with locations.
Givins’ Irish Castle History, Chicago’s Only Castle at 10244 S. Longwood Dr., Chicago.
Great Central (Train) Station, Chicago. (1856-1893)
Greektown, a Chicago neighborhood, served the first Gyros in America.
Green Tree Tavern at Lake and Water Streets. A first-hand account of an overnight stay.
Gwendolyn Brooks, Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet and a Chicagoan. (1917-2000)
H.W. Rincker, Chicago's Famous Bell Maker.
Harold Washington, Chicago's First Black Mayor, Biography.
Heald Square Monument History at Wacker Drive and Wabash Avenue.
Herman Henry Kohlsaat, Businessman, Chicago Newspapers Owner.
History of Chicago Historical Society and Buildings.
History of Chicago's Small Neighborhood Parks and Playgrounds.
Hobo College at 17 East Congress Street in Chicago was founded in 1908.
Houseboats on the Chicago River; The history of living on the river.
How did Tripp and Lowell Avenues get mixed in with Chicago's "Alphabet Town" K streets?
How the City of Chicago Dealt with all the Horse Manure.
Illinois Theatre, 65 East Jackson Boulevard, Chicago.
Illinois Training School for Nurses history at Cook County Hospital, Chicago.
Impact of World War I on the German Residence of Chicago, Illinois.
Indian Boundary Park in Chicago is on the "Real" Indian Boundary Line from Treaty of 1816.

Interstate Industrial Exposition, Michigan at Adams built 1872 razed 1892 for Art Institute.
Iroquois Theater Fire of 1903 claiming over 602 Lives in Chicago.
Isaac Woolf, owner of Woolf’s Clothing Store in Chicago. Known as the "Newsboy's Friend."
James "Big Jim" O'Leary's Amazing Life Story. (1869-1925)
Jane Addams, her Life and Times, including Hull House.
Jane Byrne, Chicago's first and only female mayor.
Jewish Industrial and Manual Training School of Chicago.
Jewish Life in Chicago began in the mid-1830s.
John Rawle Cut-Stone Contractor, Chicago, Illinois. 1872
John Wayne Gacy - Serial Killer. (1942-1994)
Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil, Chicago's Con-Man Extraordinaire. "The Sting" based on Weil.
Kate Sturges Buckingham was one of the Great Women in Chicago History.
Keanon Kyles, a black opera singer, gets his big break after years as a night janitor.
Keeley Brewing Company of Chicago. (1876-1953)
Kit Houses - Chicago Shelter Cottages - Mass short-term house kits for 1871 Fire Victims.
Kit Houses - Sears Modern Homes - History, floorplans, popular Illinois choice. (1908-1940)
Kit Houses - Lustron Homes - A mid-century attempt at future prefab houses. (1947-1950)
"Kiosk Sphinx" built by a Chicago millionare, crazy story, crazy house, pictures prove this.
Kolze's Electric Park, Chicago, Illinois.
Kwa̱nu’sila, “The Thunder-Maker” Totem Pole. Amazing history at Addison & LSD, Chicago.
Lake Park in Chicago later renamed Grant Park.
Lakeside Club was organized in 1884 at 3138-40 South Indiana Avenue. A Brief History.
Lane Manual Training High School History (Today's Lane Tech H.S.) in Chicago. (1908)
Libby Prison War Museum, (Chicago Coliseum) Chicago, Illiniois (1889-1897)
Lill and Diversy Brewery, Chicago's first commercial brewery. (1833-Fire of 1871)
Lincoln Logs construction toy began in Chicago, Illinois.
Lincoln Park Gun Club of Chicago, Illinois. (1912-1992)
Lloyd Gaines, Civil Rights Pioneer, Disappears in Chicago.
Lois Graham McDowell was first woman in U.S. to earn a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.
Loren Miller & Company, a Chicago Dry Goods Store. (1900-1931)
Lost Communities of Chicago - Cleaverville.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Lee's (Leigh) Place / Hardscrabble a Chicago Community.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Little Sicily "Little Hell" Neighborhood.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Mopetown a Chicago Neighborhood.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Shanty Town and the District of Lake Michigan.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Swede Town Neighborhood.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Towertown Neighborhood.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Town of Lake.
Lost Communities of Chicago - Village of Pennock.
Marine Hospitals of Chicago was on the grounds of the old Fort Dearborn.
Mark Beaubien, the Chicago Hospitality Guru beginning in 1830.
Markay Recreation Center & Markay Bowling Alley, 7221 North Western Avenue, Chicago.
Marshall Field Funds and Battles for the "Columbian Museum of Chicago,” (Field Museum).
Marshall Field Garden Apartment Homes in Chicago.
Marshall Field Jr. Mystery Death in 1905 is confessed to by a woman in 1913.
Marshall Field & Company Horse Drawn Delivery Wagons at the State Street Store.
Marshall Field & Company State Street Store History of the 1st & 2nd Corner Clocks.
Marshall Field's Frango Mints, the story and the myth.
Maxwell Street 7th District Police Station on Chicago's "Dead Man's Corner."
Main Chicago Public Library History.
Maud Slye, M.D., 1923 Nobel Laureate. (1869-1954)
Mayor Richard J. Daley dies in Office on December 20, 1976.
Meigs Field Airport was a single strip airport built on Northerly Island Chicago.
Michele Obama, First Lady, Chicagoan, Biography.
Milk Stations in Chicago at the Turn of the 20th Century.
Minnie Miñoso was the first Black Chicago White Sox player.
Moving Houses was a Common Practice in Early Chicago.
Museum of Science and Industry - 18-Foot Walk-Through Heart Display.
Negro Boys on Easter Morning. Photoshoot in Chicago's Bronzeville Neighborhood 1941.
Newspaper Alley, home to 13+ Chicago papers from 1833-1918, and had a wicked past.
North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. A brief history.
Nymph Fountain in Chicago, Illinois. (1899)
Oldest House in Chicago's West Ridge Community.
Old Town in Chicago; Groovy, Day or Night. 50+ photos, 2hr live Miles Davis 1965 concert.
Origins of Nude Swimming in Illinois Public Schools and Community Pools.
Otto Funk, Chicago Public Library book thief; medical quack; insane asylum escapee.
Pedway, Chicago Loop Underground Pedestrian System.
Pinners, Chicagoland Baseball Game played with a rubber ball against front stairs of house.
President Street Names in Chicago.
Primer about the difference between a Chicago community and a Chicago neighborhood.
Public Bath Houses in Chicago.
Queen-Mary Articulated Experimental Trolley Bus.
Railroad Fair in Chicago; 1948-49. Both Years Official Guide Books in PDF format, for Free!
Raising Chicago Streets Out of the Mud in 1858.
Ray Rayner, a staple of Chicago Children's Television in the 1960s & 70s.
Rainbo Building's History, 4812-4836 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Rear Houses in Chicago have an interesting history.
Recipe - Butter Cookie; The Real Chicago Public School Recipe.
Recipe - First-Ever Brownie; Invented by Chicagoan Bertha Palmer for 1893 World’s Fair.
Recipe - Peanut Butter Cookie; The Real Chicago Public School Recipe.
Recipe - Mrs. Hering's Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Launching Marshall Field's Food Service.
Red-Light Vice Districts of Chicago. [PG-13]
Richard W. Sears, the Story of an American Merchant in Chicago by 1893.
Riverview Stadium; Different Stadiums at Different Times in Chicago's History.
Rosenberg Fountain "Hebe" in Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois.
Rush Street Swing Bridge in Chicago was totally destroyed on November 3, 1863.
Sally Rand; Fan Dancer at Century of Progress World's Fair 1933; Bubble Dancer in 1934.
Saloon Building Plays an important role in Chicago's History. (1836-1871)
Sarah Elisabeth Jacobs Goode was the first Negro woman to receive a U.S. patent.
Seymour Paisin Ladies Apparel on Devon and Talman Avenues in Chicago, Illinois.
Shoppers World, Community, Zayre, Super K, at Lincoln, McCormick, Devon, Chicago.
Sidney Wanzer & Sons Creamery of Chicago. (1857-1970s)
Silos at Wrigley Field?
South Water Street, Chicago, early 1830s.
SS Aquarama, a luxury cruiser, docked at Navy Pier, Chicago, for the summer of 1955. 
SS Eastland Disaster on the Chicago River on July 24, 1915. History with over 85 Photos.
Stearns Limestone Quarry, now known as Palmisano Park in Chicago.
Telegraph arrived in 1848. Chicago becomes eastern terminus of “Western” communication.
Telenews Theater, 165 N. State "Magazine of the Screen," played WWII newsreels hourly.
Term "Mickey," as in "I was slipped a Mickey" has Chicago Roots.
The Lake Michigan Seiche of 1954 in Chicago.
The "Magic Door" TV Show, a part of Chicagolands Sunday Morning Programming.
Thomas Hoyne & Harvey Doolittle Colvin were both Chicago Mayors at same time in 1876.
Thompson’s Cafeteria Restaurants of Chicago, Illinois.
Thunder Mountain Ski Resort, Chicago, Illinois.
Town of Austin, Illinois, was annexed to Chicago against the towns wishes in 1899.
Union Stock Yards and Transit Company History. (1865-1971)
United Airlines the World's first stewardess service between Chicago and San Francisco.
Wendella Sightseeing Boats has a long history in Chicago.
Were there really train tracks through the center of Chicago Municipal Airport runways?
Western Avenue in Chicago had its name changed to "Woodrow Wilson Road" in 1924.
Why Chicago has Multilevel Streets.
Why Chicago Street Signs were changed from Black on Yellow to White on Green.
Why is Chicago's Catalpa Avenue between Western and Lincoln Avenues so Wide?
Willa Beatrice "Queen Bess" Brown was an aviator, teacher, lobbyist, and civil rights activist.
Willard Jones Cow Path still exist Downtown Chicago at 100 W. Monroe.
Wolf Point Beginnings in Chicago, Illinois.
Women's World's Fair of 1925 was so successful that it was held for three more years.


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